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RC Niko Hobby Malaysia

Niko Sales & Services Centre , was established in 1994, is the premier RC Hobby Wholesaler and Retailer in Malaysia. Trusted by thousands of customers, we provide to you the most comprehensive RC models from Car, Helicopter, Airplance to Boat. To support your need, we carry full range of RC parts and accessories of which made by world’s leading… Read more »

Most Amazing Technologies beyond 2019

Most Amazing Technologies beyond 2019

The world is constantly advancing with the latest developments and new technologies. You will be left far behind if you are not aware of these. Here are some of the most recent amazing technologies happening RIGHT NOW! 3D Printing Organs You would have heard about printers that can print phone covers, acrylic cases and even… Read more »

Skin care mistakes that you be best avoided

Skin care mistakes that you be best avoided

Achieving that great looking skin is not about buying those rare creams that you can buy every 50 years. To achieve the desired results it requires good habits that are simple to follow or at least adjust to. And this does not mean that you need to spend your entire fortune on products that claim… Read more »

Little chores for little hands

Doing Chores

Housework is a chore that most of us just want to get through as quickly as possible and with the least fuss. Often when a child wants to help out, we are tempted to say, “No, I can do it faster.” But think again, by not allowing your eager child to join in, you have… Read more »

6 ways to keep a good maid

Malaysian maid

It is a challenge for any employer to find and keep a good maid. Frequent changes are both costly and inconvenient, as you would have to start retraining the new maids. For very young children, it can be traumatic to keep readjusting to a new face each time. Their stress will be compounded if the… Read more »

Robofest Robot Competition

Robofest is an annual robot contest starting from 2002, just for university, college and polytechnic students in the Asia-Pacific region. Under a common set of rules, participants will compete with their peers in other countries to create a robot using their creative and technological abilities in an open competition. This contest aims to create friendship… Read more »

How to avoid wasting money without realizing it

money-saving Malaysia

Financial freedom can be quite a myth if you are not careful with your money. If you are a person who wants to be financially stable, then you will surely have investments, savings and such all meant for the future. However, if you are not careful or articulate enough, you might actually be wasting money… Read more »