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Read a cool review of the tech gadget lately? Are you interested in buying the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphone? Do you know what is the difference between 3G and GPRS?
Latest tech gadgets and digital devices
If you are a tech-savvy person and is constantly online, you can share some of your findings. Meanwhile, read the reviews of the latest gadgets released by top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and ASUS and give ratings to how you feel about them.

malaysia home wifi antenna
Technology and Gadget Guide

How to make your own directional Wi-Fi antenna?

Ever wanted to ‘control’ your Wi-Fi directions? Now you can with your own home-made Directional Wi-Fi Antenna It can be very distressing when you have

smartphone photography
Technology and Gadget Guide

6 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks

Do you own an iPhone or any other smartphone? Next time when you take photos use these awesome tricks!  Thank me later!  Watch below!

malaysia social media security
Technology and Gadget Guide

Top Safety Tips on Social Media

Almost everyone you know today most probably has a social media account. Whether it is MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter or the very popular Facebook, the number

malaysia smartphone batterymeter-300x300
Technology and Gadget Guide

How to extend your smartphone battery life

Battery life in smartphones has always been a problem with users. It is not strange to see someone carrying a power bank connected to their

malaysia youtube flame
Technology and Gadget Guide

Are you a YouTube addict?

The most important part about solving a problem is to first know you have a problem. And spending too much time on YouTube is a

Technology and Gadget Guide

Comparison of Group Deal Sites in Malaysia

Group deal sites are very popular around the world today. In fact, this market has grown from its early stages into one of the highest

Smartest Products designed in decade
Technology and Gadget Guide

The Smartest Products designed in the decade

Apple Iphones No matter how you see it, anything that came out from Apple seemed to be greatly designed. It started from the first Macintosh

Technology and Gadget Guide

MyTracks – View and share your paths on this app

The MyTracks mobile application is designed for the Android platform. It is an open source GPS (Global Positioning System) app that provides tracking capabilities. This

Technology and Gadget Guide

How to Protect Your Personal Data

As much as we like to be connected to the internet whether for business or leisure, we cannot escape the fact that this actually opens

Technology and Gadget Guide

Build a super-fast PC with SSD and Windows 8

The recent launch of Microsoft Windows 8 has boosted the whole computing industry. In fact, it was quite an anticipate move as end user computing

Technology and Gadget Guide

WIreless Alarm and CCTV System for your home

When it comes to security for your home, it cannot be compromised. As a matter of fact, security has become an extremely important factor for

Technology and Gadget Guide

How to buy a computer?

While most of us are technology savvy in today’s fast moving world, there are many who would like to buy a computer but does not

Technology and Gadget Guide

iPhones – Models and thereafter

The date was September 7, 2011 and it was rumoured to be when Apple will be launch the widely anticipated iPhone 5. Kodawarisan, a Japanese

Technology and Gadget Guide

Windows updates including free WIndows 10

Anyone who has used Windows before could attest that the since overcoming the problems in Windows Vista through Windows 7 and then 8 has changed

Google Buys Motorola
Technology and Gadget Guide

Google Buys Motorola for $12.5b

The world’s fastest and largest search engine Google has acquired Motorola Mobile for a staggering US$12.5 billion. This is the largest investment made by Google

Angry-Birds targeting 1 billion Fans
Technology and Gadget Guide

‘Angry Birds’ targeting 1 billion Fans

Rovio’s Angry Birds is one of the biggest phenomena to hit the technology industry in recent years. Never before had the world seen a mobile

Mozilla OS
Technology and Gadget Guide

Mozilla to go into mobile OS for tablets

Internet browser company Mozilla has announced that they are working towards developing their own mobile operating system. They recently unveiled their first round plans that

Technology and Gadget Guide

Xbox or PS4 in Malaysia

The Sony Playstation buzz changed the world of gaming since it was released. In 2012, Playstation 4 was released which pretty much allowed Sony to

Mango Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft
Technology and Gadget Guide

Mango – Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that the new Windows Phone 7 is called Mango. The software giant has already released the version for manufacturers for Operating System

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V
Technology and Gadget Guide

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V

For the 2011 line-up Sony has introduced the Cyber-shot HX9V which is also the most expensive amongst its siblings. Compared to the compact megazooms that