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Benefits of Organic Hemp Milk

What is organic hemp milk, you might ask? This term has often been quite misleading but it is actually a truly legitimate one and as organic as it can get, it is quite a healthy choice. Sourced from hemp plant Hemp milk is actually sourced from the seeds of the hemp plant and its milk… Read more »

Organic meat and poultry

When going organic, it would mean changing your entire diet all the way. This is where you need to know where and what you can eat. What exactly is Organic meat? The usual preconception of organic food is that the vegetables and fruits are planted using organic means where they do not use artificial or… Read more »

Heavy metals in your diet and even vitamins

You are what you eat. If you are not aware and careful about your own consumption, chances are you are actually taking in a lot of harmful materials. Dangers of heavy metals In a recent study, it was found that heavy metals are found not only in foods but in dietary supplements! Imagine that! So,… Read more »

Is there such a thing as Organic seafood?

One of the greatest challenges of going organic is to enjoy the same indulgence with consuming conventional food. This is where it gets a bit tricky especially when you want to take seafood. Is it a myth? Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything such as organic seafood. While food producers do try and be as organic… Read more »

Organic shampoo – Are they for real?

It is no longer anything hidden. Chemicals are used in skin and beauty care products. If you are one who has been trying to lead a healthier life, then perhaps organic shampoo should be something you would consider. Why not conventional shampoo? One thing for sure, organic shampoo might be costlier but that would be… Read more »

How bad are GMO soy and corn?

Soy and corn are among the most commonly taken foods in most diets. In the modern supermarket, soy products could be GMO produced. This is the same with corn. So, how bad are they really? GMO Soy products and hazards It has been reported recently that most soy beans have been genetically modified and that… Read more »

How bad are storable food?

Storable food simply refers to the type of items you keep with you that can be useful during an emergency or when there are situations with minimal nutrition. Are these really bad? In storable food, the most common thing you will notice is that they are highly dense with calories. Are they useful for survival?… Read more »

Organic food label and numbering code

When you buy foods that are organically grown and produced, you should check the label. This is most evident with fruits and vegetables. Check them out and see if you could understand them. Labels and numbers One of the first things you should do besides peeling of the label is to check and ascertain that… Read more »