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Malaysia is home to a variety of communities. The largest group in Malaysia are the Malays followed by the Chinese and Indians. Besides that, there are large groups of other ethnics who similarly emphasis a lot on family values and culture.

Celebrations and common practices

A unique feature of Malaysian culture is that there are many types of celebrations observed by the people from all walks of life. This includes:

  1. Hari Raya Aidilfitri
  2. Chinese New Year
  3. Deepavali
  4. Hari Gawai
  5. Christmas
  6. and many others

These celebrations are not exclusively celebrated by a certain race or community. In fact, it is enjoyed by all races with everyone wishing each other. Open houses are held where families from all races visit each other bringing gifts and well wishes. In fact, Muslims can be seen having a good time during Christmas too.

Balik Kampung culture

Every year, the Muslims observe the fasting month of Ramadan. That is when they fast for 30 days before concluding with the Hari Raya.

Days before Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the Malays will all balik kampong which means going back to their villages/ hometowns. This is where the highways will be congested with cars and vehicles, particularly the last 2 days before Syawal.

However, this culture is not only with the Malays but with other races too. This means that the Chinese will balik kampong before Chinese New Year as well.

Common family culture and practices

The Chinese people in Malaysia are known to be very hardworking and business-minded. They will work all their lives and save their money to be inherited to their next generation. The Chinese people are more practical when it comes to having offsprings where a family usually has less than 3 children.

On the other hand, Malay families are larger. In most cases. Malay families are encouraged to have as many children as possible as there are government provisions in terms of education and healthcare.

As for Indians, the family culture is to have many children. The more traditional ones will have large families while the more modern ones have at most 2 children at average.

Jobs and career

The Malaysian public service is mostly dominated by Malays. The general sentiment is that they prefer a more stable career with low risk and guaranteed returns. After all, working with the government has a lot of perks like pension and subsidies.

The Chinese meanwhile are more prone to running their own businesses while the Indians are very much skewed towards professional jobs like lawyers and doctors. A lot of them are involved as traders as well.

Healthcare in Malaysian communities

Generally, healthcare in Malaysia is quite unique. Modern medicine is available at all public and private practices. However, the traditional medicine scenario is quite different.

  1. Malays are strong believers of traditional medicine
  2. Chinese use a lot of herbs in their practice. There are a lot of Chinese traditional medicine practitioners known as Tabib Cina around.
  3. herbs are used in the Indian community as well

Education culture

In recent years, private education has been widely popular as the government has allowed locals to enrol in these institutions. Generally, it is easier for Malays to obtain a place in a local university like. As such, the Chinese and Indian families will most likely send their children to private universities and overseas.

Meanwhile, a lot of Chinese parents send their children to private and international schools. In most cases, Malay families will send their children to public schools while the richer ones will send their kids to private institutions. For those who can afford, they will send their children overseas from a young age.

Living standard among the communities

Large cities like Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya are places where a lot of Chinese families reside. The upper class Chinese community would mostly have at least 2 properties. Places like Kampugn Baru and Kampung Kerinchi are known to be Malay-oriented areas.

Meanwhile, the richer Malays are known to reside around suburbs like Damansara and Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Upscale residential areas like Bangsar is dominated by the Indians and the richer Chinese.

Leisure and General wellbeing

In cities and major towns, shopping has been a common past-time among families. Most families around here would visit the shopping malls during their off days and weekends. In recent years, running and joining marathons have been a popular sport. Families are joining these events on a weekly basis.
Public parks like Bukit Gasing and Broga Hill are among the most popular places where families visit for hiking and jogging. Besides that, a lot of families these days indulge into leisure activities like family karaoke and visiting places of interests outside the cities.

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