Malaysian Career Guide in Malaysia

Malaysian Career Guide
A comprehensive guide on charting the ideal career for you is provided in this section. Learn about what your available options are and how you can go about finding the right path that can give you the financial stability and job satisfaction you need to survive in the modern world. Check the articles that will give you great insights and tips and tricks on landing the best job you can find as well as other resources including interview techniques, how to answer questions during the interview, what to wear and how to behave to give you a better chance of getting the perfect job.

Twitter Can Maximize Your Job Search
Malaysian Career Guide

9 Ways Twitter Can Maximize Your Job Search

When the average job seeker thinks about using social media for job hunting, their mind immediately goes to LinkedIn, and for good reason: it’s the

malaysia office politics
Malaysian Career Guide

Tips on winning Office Politics

The age-old advice that you can ‘never escape office politics’ have been told all the time. In fact, you know that you cannot get away

malaysia sales
Malaysian Career Guide

Top 10 Jobs in Sales

Malaysia has a thriving market when it comes to jobs and careers. There are jobs everywhere in almost every type of industry anyone can imagine.

malaysia best company to work
Malaysian Career Guide

Top 10 Malaysian Companies to work for

If you are planning to find employment within a local Malaysian company but do not know where to start, we have compiled the top 10

Malaysian Career Guide

Quick tips to stay calm for an interview

You have everything thought out, the answers, the documents, the dressing and all you need to ace the interview. The one thing you did not

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