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All about EPF that you should know

The Malaysian EPF, short for Employees’ Provident Fund is a personal account that you must have if you are part of any workforce. It is a mandatory contribution for Malaysians who are in the workforce in one way or another. Forced Savings The main idea behind the EPF is to activate what is known as… Read more »

Economic outlook for the Year of the Dog

Each year, when Chinese New Year comes around, talks about how the future is going to be will surely heat up. In fact, business owners and firms would go to the extent of reading or finding out the ‘luck’ of the year as there might be plans for expansion and growth. No one likes to… Read more »

Saving for your child’s Education

Having a child means you need to start planning your expenses. In countries like Malaysia, two of the most expensive areas that you need to consider is in healthcare and education. While healthcare is usually covered by the company you are working for, education might be something you need to put in some extra efforts…. Read more »

When do you need to write a Will?

Family finances will tend to change especially with an additional member when there is a newborn. This is one very crucial issue in family planning as to be prepared should anything happens. Some important issues to consider The big question really is how important is it to have a will. It is most crucial when… Read more »

9 Ways Twitter Can Maximize Your Job Search

Twitter Can Maximize Your Job Search

When the average job seeker thinks about using social media for job hunting, their mind immediately goes to LinkedIn, and for good reason: it’s the world’s largest online professional network. But while our recruiting team contributes to the 94 percent of talent acquisition leaders who use LinkedIn as a primary sourcing mechanism, most people don’t… Read more »

Should you go into property investment?

malaysia property investment

After you have start earning your own income, there will be various options in investment that you would come across where many would tell you that property is perhaps the most stable. The truth is, investing in property is somewhat similar like investing in anything else (forex, mutual funds or shares) where there are risks… Read more »

Understanding GST In Malaysia

malaysia gst

The impending implementation of the GST or Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia has been one of the most talked about issues since it was announced by the Prime Minister of Malaysia during his Budget 2014 speech. A lot of speculation has been going around since on whether there will be an increase in price… Read more »