Zurich Malaysia

Zurich Malaysia is a reputable and very established insurance brand, offering a comprehensive range of products and packages, protecting its customers through financial means.

Long history in insurance

Zurich is a well-established insurance brand globally. It has been around since 1872 and with more than a hundred years of experience, it is among the experts that specialize in offering the best protection for its customers. In Malaysia, Zurich is represented by various subsidiaries, offering various types of products in their respective market segments majoring in insurance and Takaful options like life and general insurance. This includes:

  • Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Berhad
  • Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad Zurich General Takaful Malaysia Berhad
  • Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad.

Products and Packages by Zurich

Generally, Zurich’s offerings are provided for individuals and businesses while they come through the Takaful segment as well. They are provided through packages with coverage that include investments, protections and savings, among others. For businesses meanwhile, protection and coverage include employees, assets and the business as a whole.

Insurance products for individuals

Individuals and families can buy coverage packages for either investments, savings or for protection in many kinds. Among the products offered by Zurich include:

  • Zurich Favour8 – This is an endowment plan to gives financial stability in the future from as short as 8 years.
  • Super Wealth Plan – A savings coverage with long term cash payout guaranteed.
  • Zurich Max1nvest – This is a plan that helps to maximize the policy holder’s investment options.
  • Master Investment Plan – A plan to get better returns for investments carried out by professionals in Zurich.
  • Zurich SureHealth – A medical plan to cover medical treatment and recovery.
  • Medicagen 200 – Comes with coverage including protection and to help in paying for medical expenses.
  • MediLove – A comprehensive medical insurance to cover the policyholder and related issues.
  • ProLife 36 Super Basic  – Protects you from known critical illnesses with comprehensive coverage.
  • Zurich Omni Health – A medical insurance that comes with financial stability.
  • Zurich ProWell Critical Illness – Comes with guaranteed premium rates and a short premium payment term for critical illness coverage.
  • Zurich ValueCare – Catered to protect the wellbeing of the family, it is a unit-deducting rider to help with medical expenses.
  • MaxMedic – Affordable and economical medical plant.
  • Critical Care – An affordable plant that covers 50 critical illnesses.
  • Critical Care Essential – Comes with an additional payout for coverage for 50 critical illnesses.
  • Early Care Critical Illness – Protection from early stages to treatment and advanced levels.
  • Flex Lady Critical Illness  – Coverage for known critical illnesses by women.
  • Flex Junior Critical Illness
  • Flex Maternity Care – Protection for the child from prenatal stages to early childhood.
  • Hospital Income Plus – Comes with daily cash income for policyholders if hospitalized.
  • Hospital & Surgical Benefit
  • Zurich Multi Shield – Comprehensive protection with better financial stability for the future.
  • Zurich ValueLife – A flexible coverage plan for better stability for family members.
  • Zurich TermLife – A customized life insurance package.
  • Teras Perdana – This is a 5-in-1 plan that comes with guaranteed cashback.
  • Super Protector & Super Protector Plus – This plan comes with guaranteed protection and increasing coverage with a cash payout.
  • Max Golden Wanita Protection – A plan which can be customized for women who are reaching their senior years.
  • PA Protector and PA Medicare – A personal accident insurance package that comes with add-ons. It is flexible and convenient for the policyholder.
  • Protect All 110 EVO – An all-in-one personal accident coverage plan.
  • Social Guard – Add up to double the coverage for accidental death and liabilities.
  • Critical Care Premium Waiver – This package is to help ease the financial burden of the policyholder in the event of a critical illness.
  • Personal Sentinel V3 – Comprehensive coverage for the individual.
  • Flexi PA – A customizable plan which is designed for flexibility and affordability.
  • Individual Personal Accident – A protection plan to cover accidents for the policyholder.
  • PA 500 – Comes with a guaranteed income benefit in the event of unexpected accidents.
  • Domestic Maid Insurance Scheme – Coverage and protection for domestic helpers.
  • Senior Gold – This plan protects the individual who is in the golden years.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance for Medical Professionals – This insurance package is specifically catered for those working in the medical field like doctors, nurses, etc.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – Catered for professionals in certain levels of the profession with risks.
  • Fire Insurance – Standard insurance package for homes and protection against fire and other disasters.
  • Houseowner & Householder Insurance – Protection for contents in the home.
  • TAGPAC Plus – Travel insurance for the policyholder and family members when traveling.
  • Z-Driver – Travel insurance that protects the driver and passengers in cars.
  • Z-Rider – Insurance for those who are on motorcycles.
  • Z-Travel Insurance (International) – Travel insurance for that on-the-go in other countries.
    MGA Golfer’s Insurance – The plan for golfers who love their game.

Insurance packages for Businesses

Zurich has packages and products that are catered for businesses that protect assets, employees and other valuables.

  • Employee Benefits – Coverage for employees and any unexpected expenses.
  • Foreign Workers – Coverage for companies with foreign employees.
  • Insurance packages for Engineering and Marina businesses.
  • Property insurance
  • Zurich SME Business – A package that is customized for businesses in the SME industry and related areas.
  • Zurich SME Business
  • Optimuz and Optimuz V2 – This is a one-stop product that protects your business and comes with Tariff Fire Insurance.
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance – Protects against employees who suffer any form of harm during employment.
  • Product Liability Insurance – Protection for products that might be damaged
  • Public Liability Insurance – Coverage for your business in events if any third-party gets damaged.
  • Workmen’s Compensation Insurance – Protection for workmen of your business.



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