Your baby’s first words

The baby’s first few words are usually met with tears of joys of the parents. As you wait and anticipate for your child’s first words, which you will hope that it would be ‘daddy’ or ‘mommy’, any other word that comes close would be good enough for you. Hence you will accept ‘dada’ as ‘dad’ or ‘mama’ as ‘mom’, whichever you prefer.

You should well be aware that your baby have always been trying to communicate to you. It is because they have yet to form words on their own that they are unable to speak a proper word to you. So it helps that you should constantly repeat certain words so that the minute your baby decide to utter a word, they know what word to use immediately as they are fresh in their memory.

An infant starts learning as soon as they are born. The fact that they are crying is evident that they are new to the world and as such they are starting to accept all the different objects that they are looking at at that particular time. From the start, they will be able to hear all the word that you are using and talking with one another. Parents become ecstatic the minute they hear their babies speak their first words and some would believe that they have learnt their first words.

The truth is that babies know and learn the word you used when they were born and then their brains have begun registering these words and putting them together. Although they have yet to digest on how to use them, in a matter of months, you will have them talking to you in the words you used.


What would they say first

In the first few months, the words that the baby utters are pretty much not understandable. So you will most likely need to try and fathom what they want amidst the goos and gas that they are saying. You should know by now that at this point, the baby is most likely to tell you something but are unable to because they have yet to learn the language. So you will eventually come to realize that their goos and gaas are usually a customized language that they use to communicate. As parents and having listened to them throughout their first few years, you will slowly learn to understand just what they want and then begin to give them what they need. Chances are, you will be the only person who understands them.


Repeated words

In most cases, the baby’s first words usually would be a double similar word like ‘dada’ which a lot of people believe is their call for their daddy. Some would go on with ‘baba’ or ‘mama’ which you would most likely associate them with the bottle or for their mummy. Where this is concerned, you should be totally overjoyed that your baby is now able to recognize you as their mother and that they have been identify you with them.


What to do after the have spoken?

What then should you do when your baby speaks their first words? You must encourage them to do speak more. While a lot of parents, especially with firstborns are overjoyed and want to believe that ‘dada’ would mean daddy, this is where you will have to start teaching your baby to associate words with people and things. Reply them and involve them in whatever situations or words they used and their vocabulary will expand tremendously from there.

You must always be ready to help your baby expand their words and vocabulary especially when they start talking. This is because if you do not teach them more, they might just continuously go round and round with the limited words they know at the moment. Hence you will then need to spur them on by pointing to objects and then repeating the words like ‘baba’ or ‘mama’ which they will then start to make associations and pattern match themselves.


You can be sure that once your baby starts uttering any words, they will continue from there, and it becomes your responsibility to continue with helping them develop more words that they can use. This is where your role as the parent is important because you will now have to start educating your child all the way until they reach pre-school. Ultimately this would be the best times of your lives and hence you should be enjoying yourselves and have fun with your child.





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