Wunderbath Malaysia

What makes Wunderbath so unique is that it is a name of beauty product meant to be kind to the skin. Actually, what brings Wunderbath into the limelight is the fact that this brand is very much into soap bars, a type of product which has been taking the back seat in recent years.

What is Wunderbath all about?

Make no mistake about it, Wunderbath is all about beauty and more so about soap bars. In the last few decades, soap bars have to contend with shower creams and gels. With Wunderbath, it brings back the importance of using soap bars which comes with very unique features.

Background of Wunderbath

Wunderbath is a Malaysian homegrown name. It was established in 2015 by Evelyn Marieta. This came from an idea of using food-inspired soap range. With a tagline of ‘Handmade Bath Revolution’, it seeks to provide some intrigue for the customer. Evelyn has been said to be a nutritionist turned bath scientist. Using food ingredients to create cosmetics products, it became an instant hit with the market. Today, Wunderbath has a strong following of customers who like such unique styles and designs in the products.

Products by Wunderbath

There is a wide range of products offered by Wunderbath. One thing for sure, no one can be certain what type of soap it is because they generally look like certain types of food. Among the soap bars offered by Wunderbath that looks like food include:

  1. Karipap
  2. Egg
  3. Golden Egg
  4. Sunny side Up
  5. Oat Choco Chip Cookie

Besides the range of soap bars which have pretty much been the mainstay of Wunderbath products, there are others too including:

  1. Bath Bomb – Products here including the Bunga Raya Bath Bomb, Homer, Magical Disco Light, Crazy Egg, Unicorn Farts and Stardust
  2. Lips – This includes Wunderwoman, Watermelon, Unscented, Tinkerbell, Teh Tarik and Sirap Rose which are all priced below RM20.00
  3. Body – This includes the Fairy Godmother Body Butter and Spray, the Hakuna Your Tatas body butter and body spray, The Lightbulb range, Youth Potion and the Mr. Smooth Operator After Shave, among others.
  4. Essential Oil – A full range of oils like Jojoba, Tea Tree, Rose Gernium, Peppermint, Lemongrass Lavender, Frankincense and Chamomile.
  5. Accessories – This includes the Leaf it Dry Soap Dish, the Magic Ball USB Humidifier and the Wunder Foam Bag.


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