Why teenagers say ‘Yes’ to sex?

Growing up can be a tricky affair if you mix with the wrong crowd and friends. If you are a teenager and had recently entered a relationship, you will soon be tempted or influenced to have sex with your partner. It is a personal choice and you will be responsible for your own body so you had better be well aware of the consequences.

Research has shown that the main reason why teens today said ‘yes’ to sex was due to curiosity. This becomes the main factor as they are exposed to such information online. Other factors include reasons like ‘Partner wanted to’, ‘it was the right time to do so’, ‘everyone else is doing it’ and ‘he is the right person’.

The truth is that you might not have met the right person yet in your teenage years. Studies found that more than 85% of people do not marry their high school (first time) partners.

The lower the number the better

Make no mistake about it, the lesser people you have slept with, the better it is. The man of your dreams would be happy to know that you have not slept with almost every guy you met in high school.

Sex is not compulsory in a relationship

Despite what your friends tell you, you do not need to have sex in order to have a fulfilling and meaningful relationship. There are many other things you can do as a couple. No doubt the temptation is there but you always have a choice.

Virginity is a one-in-a-lifetime thing

Once you lose your virginity, it is lost forever. Your peers might tell you that it is embarrassing to be a virgin because it is ‘cool’ that everyone else isn’t. Don’t believe them. Keep your virginity for that special someone. He might not end up being your husband but he must be special. You do not want to lose your virginity to a jerk.

Sexual pleasure is only possible through intercourse

This is totally untrue. There are many other ways to enjoy sexual pleasure and intercourse is not the only way. You do not need the guy to offer you the ‘good feeling’ all the time. Learn to live without him.

Losing your virginity is not a ticket to have sex.

And another thing, it does not mean that just because you have lost your virginity, then you can sleep with every other guy who comes along.

Having sex can be seen as something sacred and intimate if you allow it. It all goes down to your own personal choice. Never indulge or be forced to do something you are not comfortable with, even if the rest of the world is doing it.



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