Why Men go for Younger Women

Have you seen a beautiful young woman who clings on to a man at least twice her age? What are your thoughts then? That she is a ‘gold-digger’ and probably want him for his wealth? Could it be because of other reasons? Is it because these are among the traits of the modern metrosexual man?

Why men go for younger women?

In recent years, the statistics are fast showing that there are now more older men who are going for younger women. According to a poll carried out on age differences, it was found that it is at the age of 21 that the women’s desirability peaks. While it might seem almost taboo that men in their 30s are spending more time texting women half their age, it has become quite a trend these days.

Top so-called reasons

Here are some of the so-called reasons why men like to go for younger women:

  1. They find younger women more attractive – It must be the gene or the skin complexion but men do find younger women more attractive. There are actually some truth in this because when a woman reaches the 30s, it starts to show. Some women in this age category tend to ‘let go’ while the younger ones are more conscious
  2. Men are afraid of dying – As a man grow older, he is afraid of what dying. If he is going out with a woman around his age, it is like a reflection to him that he is growing old and that death is coming soon.
  3. They can live longer – In a study carried out by a university in Sweden, it was found that men who are over fifty with younger partners lived longer. It could be a mental thing, but it has been proven.
  4. They are more receptive – Younger women are more receptive about things that the man want to do as compared to older ones. This include living out some fantasies or fetishes.
  5. They get their ego boosted – Younger women will boost the ego of the older man because that is some form of assurance that they get. Older women are less prone to do such things.
  6. Having kids – This is of course is another ego booster for the older men. Younger women are more fertile and there is a good chance of having kids as compared to women their age. That means that the man is still ‘young enough’ to have children
  7. Older women wants kids – This is a Catch 22 situation where older men with women their age wants to have kids (which they think are past their fertile ages). The man wants to know he can still have kids but is not likely to want any at the moment. So, a younger woman will fit this bill.
  8. Security – going out with a younger woman means security for the older man because that’s what younger women are chasing after and that particular person selected him
  9. Expectations – Older men believed that younger women have lower expectations and some lower self-esteem even. While this might be a very wrong perception about women, it is in the minds of many men above 50 which explains why they like younger women. After all, they need to have the ability to ‘convince’ their spouse all the time, which makes them the solver of all problems
  10. Care taker – Men who go out with younger women likes to take the role of the care-taker. This means he is the person who will handle everything from paying the bills to fixing the leaking toilet, sending the water over to paying the monthly electricity bill. It makes the man feel like the woman cannot live without him.


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