Which Air-Conditioning Brand is best for your home?

Which Air-Conditioning Brand is best for your home?

Buying an air-conditioning unit can be quite a daunting task if you do not know the specifications and how to go about with it. This is mainly because an air-conditioning (known in short as air-cond) is a long-term investment which you will not change for many years as long as it functions well and efficiently.

Before buying an air-cond, you must determine what the unit is used for. If it is for the bedroom, usually a basic unit would do while for large spaces like the living room or the kitchen, a more powerful one would be more suitable.

The factors that would determine the air-cond brand you should buy would be whether it can last for a long time and if the unit is energy efficient. There are many brands available in the market today where you can choose either the established players like Panasonic and Samsung while there are the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brands which at times are unheard of.

Panasonic and Toshiba

Panasonic is usually more expensive than Samsung but if you are going to install the air-cond for your own comfort and peace of mind, it would be best to go for Panasonic.

As the saying goes, if you are going to buy a product, it would be best to buy from the manufacturers who specialize in that area. Panasonic and Toshiba are renowned and very established home appliances manufacturers. They have been producing air-conds for decades now. Due to this track record, both the manufacturers would be the best brands to invest in. It has been reported that air-conds from Panasonic and Toshiba are able to function after being in used for 15 years.

Avoid Fujitsu and Mitsubishi by all means

Other brands from Japan like Mitsubishi and Fujitsu are acceptable but the main problem is that there is seldom continuity as they stop producing the same units after a while. When a product or a specific model is discontinued, there will be no spare parts in the market which means that if the air-cond breaks down, it would be almost impossible to repair them, leaving you to replace the entire unit.

The newer players meanwhile are brands from Korea, like LG and Samsung. As they are new entrants into this market, it would be advisable to wait for a few more years before investing in these brands. Carrier is the OEM for few models for Toshiba.

Electricity consumption for Panasonic Inverter is almost half but it costs about RM200 to refill gas.
Our recommendations are Panasonic and York since they are in this business since the ice age.
Daikin and other models are in the middle range.

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