What your kid should know about learning

know about learning

Things to teach your kids about learning

As parents, we would want the best for our kids, and that includes giving them the best education you can afford or at least send them to the best school you can possibly find. Whether it is a public or private school, it does not matter if your kid do not benefit from them. This is vitally one of the biggest common mistakes parents make about children education. They think that that best schools will give them the best education. To be sure, the best thing you can do actually is to ensure that your kid is prepared, whichever school they attend. So as parents, good education actually starts at home, not in school. What they learn in school are academic, what they bring to school is far more important. This is because what they bring to school will ensure that they are able to bring back the academic part of it home.

So, before you start packing their lunch boxes and giving them the best looking backpacks you can find, you have to ensure that what you give them before they go to school will bring back the desired results. Of course it is not the best thing they will get but at least, it gets them started. Always come up with a plan to help your kid excel in class noting that excelling here does not mean straight As but more about being able to learn what they are supposed to in their educational years.

Resting Crucial Factor

Children, as they are growing up are more hyperactive than any other stages of life. This is where they will be running around, chasing friends, climbing tress and so on, all of which will result in them being worn out by dusk. Hence, resting is a crucial factor if you want your kid to be attentive and alert in class the next day. Put aside weekend nights where they could get more rest the next day, you have to ensure that they warm down after a school day where they should relax, watch some TV (of course after they finished their homework) and then get a good night’s sleep. A lot of parents tend to send their kids to bed by a certain time, hoping that they will get enough rest, but proper sleep and rest should be the priority here. So convey the message of having a good night rest to your kids and they will feel more rejuvenated the next day.

What to do in class

No parent in the world will want their kids to sleep in class, so it is important that you tell your kids that they must pay attention and listen to their teachers whenever they are in class. For parents whose kids are obedient, this seemed to be easy but some might find it hard if their kids tend to be slightly more rebellious. There are many things to consider since you are not in the class with your child. Are they really paying attention in class? Are the people around them always chatting away distracting them or are they sitting too far back thereby resulting in them having difficulty looking at the board? All of these are issues that need to be looked into when having discussions with the class teacher.

Jot them down

One of the difficult things to teach a kid is in taking down notes. Most children do not like jotting down notes because of the fact that a lot of classes today tend to dictate or give handouts. However, it is good practice if your kid is able to write down whatever they are not sure and perhaps check with you or the teacher later. This is where you need to train your kid at home. Do dictation exercises so that they are able to grasp what type of notes to take down whenever the need arises and they will bring this practice to class.

Execute a Study plan

Always promote the need for a plan to study. Parents tend to overlook this especially when the kids have just started schooling. Whatever the case, you should know that if they can start to practice a study plan at home, then they would not have problems when examination time comes around. Of course, you cannot expect your child to be able to come up with a concise plan in the first go, so you will have to do that for them. At primary school, a plan would just guide them through their studying and preparation for exams. This need not be regimental so you should ensure that your kid covers all areas of the classes and that would be sufficient. This is a good practice so that they do not feel pressured when the face examinations as they would have prepared beforehand. Furthermore you will also be able to impose such practice as they grow older where they will not leave everything until the last minute.

On top of that, kids will then be able to learn that studying early will have a more effective result in their approach to examinations than waiting for the last minute to do so. This is where they will be more confident and build stronger characters in the child. Hence, as parents, you would need to device a study plan for your kids and ensuring that they adhere to it whenever they can.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know

Your kid should be well aware that if there are things they don’t know, it is okay as they can always ask questions. This is one of the main problems in schools around the country where students are not encouraged to ask questions. Even if there are Q&A sessions, they tend to be quiet. It is a common trend albeit a bad one. If you can drill into your kid that asking questions are fine, then they will be able to interact better and be more confident about making inquiries if they are unsure. Convey to them the importance and the harmlessness of not knowing what the teacher has taught and they will be able to learn from their mistakes.

The most important part about going to school is that your kid bring with them the knowledge they will acquire throughout the years. So what they learn will more or less shape the type of person they will eventually become. You have to take into consideration that they are always prepared when they go to school, not so much in terms of completing their homework which will get them off the hook with teachers but to have them mentally prepared whenever they attend class. Once they get the practice going, they will be more confident and thereby be able to grasp better.


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