What is the ideal Malaysian diet?

What is the ideal Malaysian diet?

There are so many types of food in Malaysia which is contributed by our rich and diverse multi-cultural backgrounds. With more than 28 million people in the country who comes from all walks of life, we are all spoilt for choice when it comes to food. In fact, we have a problem deciding what to eat in every meal. Bear in mind that the 3 main meals are most important while whatever comes between can be avoided and skipped.

So what would be the best Malaysian diet which can be regarded as healthy? Below are some guidelines.

Protein-Rich Breakfast

The typical Malaysian’s roti canai might not be a good start because it is filled with carbohydrate. A full protein-rich breakfast would be most ideally be one the ‘telur setengah masak’ using Omega-3 eggs. You can add in 2 pieces of bread to give it a bit of a balance though.
On the other hand, you can have a standard Nasi Lemak with a hard-boiled egg as an alternative. Nasi Lemak after all has a bit of everything which is important to start the day right. Try your best not to have an overly heavy breakfast like Bak Kut Teh although it is a common practice in places like Klang.

Moderate Lunch

For lunch, it would be good to have a moderate one. This rule of 80% would apply here. You can have a plate of Chicken or Duck rice. Nasi kandar would be fine as well but try not to have too much rice for lunch as it would make you sleepy, which could be extremely challenging if you are going to go for class or continue working later.

A Cup of Tea

Tea time is the most challenging meal because if you eat too much, you might over-eat for dinner or become too full then. So it would be a good time to have teh tarik or Nescafe to keep your adrenaline pushing for the last few hours of the working day. If you must eat, it would be good to have some ‘kueh’ although you must not have too much. Caffeine is a good ingredient which will keep you attentive, at least for the long drive home.

Protein-Rich Dinner

This is where you can have the heavy meals. Bak Kut Teh (for the non-Muslims) is a good choice for dinner but you must be cautious with the fats. Satay and Murtabak too are good choices as they are all rich in protein and carbohydrate. Remember the good practice of being 80% full as well.

Healthy Supper

Where possible, supper should not exist. But if you really need to go for supper, you should have a cup of ‘Limau Ais’ instead of ‘Teh Tarik’. The ice lemon drink will drain off some of the oil in your diet while Teh Tarik might keep you awake and will deprive you off the sleep you need. As mentioned, Supper should be skipped where possible.

There are a million other choices when it comes to Malaysian food. All types of food when consumed must be taken in moderation. Less salt, less oil and lesser portion would be most ideal.

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