What is motherhood

A woman enter the world of motherhood from the moment they find out that they’re pregnant. Once you find out that you’re expecting a baby, women tend to practice great care and caution in an attempt to protect the loved one inside. But bear in mind that motherhood is beyond that. Besides biological mother, surrogate and adoptive mothers may also experience motherhood in different ways. The role of a mother has been defined and redefined in many ways in today’s society.

Well, motherhood can bring great joy as well as pain and sorrow at the same time. Therefore, it is advised to stay positive and look on the better and clearer side. There is a saying that kids usually behave like an angel before they reach puberty. However, when they reach certain age and go into the larger world, they will start yelling, grumbling and even act like a monster. So be prepared because when your child is hurting you, as a mother you’ll hurt far worse than expected

Of course, when your child is happy and safe, you will cry from joy. It can be tough especially for women who have just entered the world of motherhood. From the day you find out that you are pregnant, you need to carry a child with you for the next nine months. And don’t forget that different cultures have different practice and in that case, pregnant mothers are expected to eat healthily and avoid certain foods especially fattening ones. But once you give birth to an adorable baby, your life will never be the same again!


Duties of motherhood

Generally, mothers are required to care and provide nourishment as well as safety for their kids. A mother’s responsibility is not complete without feeding and showering love the the little ones. It is more than just providing a nurturing life in a comfortable environment because mothers also need to ensure that the child is safe and well-cared for. Besides providing food and showing love to the little ones, mothers are required to play a good role model to the children and teach them the right values, attitudes and behaviour. Before the children reach puberty, mothers are given the right to decide what is right or wrong on behalf of the kids. Remember, mothers always know the best for the children.

In addition to that, here are some other basic duties perform by a good mother – to have delicious and healthy dinner ready for the little ones, clear away the clutter of toys spread all over the room, help and assist your little ones in completing the school work, show sincerity when you see your kids, spend some quality time to listen to your children and try to offer advice to help them solve problems.


Responsible Parenting

Parenting refers to the process of providing physical, emotional and social development of a child from the day they were born until adulthood. In other words, parenting refers to the process of raising a child and is definitely beyond the biological relationship between a child and the parents. As a mother, you need to understand that successful and effective parenting skills will shape and determine your children’s behaviour in the future. So besides showering the kids with love and care, parents need to impart necessary skills and values before the kids reach adulthood.

The most important element is to become a good role model to your child. Bear in mind that kids do not know how to differentiate what is right and wrong or good and bad. Children tend to imitate and follow what they see from their surroundings. Therefore, always set good and positive examples to the children. For example, when you advise the kids not to smoke but on the other hand, you are a heavy smoker, then most likely your kids will imitate your action and become a chain smoker. Besides being a role model to your child, another effective parenting skill is to praise your child’s positive performance. Eventually, these positive praising will help your child to grow emotionally. In other words, praise can be considered as a form of nourishment. Praising your child can help to build their self-esteem and provide them a sense of secure.


Tips for new mother

One of the greatest joy in a women’s life is becoming a mother. Your life will change after having a baby and you’ll bear much responsibility to look after your child. Even though you are stressed out after giving birth to an adorable baby, take some time off to recuperate and sort things out. Here are some practical and useful tips to get back on one’s feet after giving birth. For new mothers, after spending a month or two for confinement, perhaps it is time to return to your jobs. You can begin with a part-time job to ensure that you can still spend quality time with the baby and provide motherly care during free time.

In addition to that, take your baby to travel along once in a while. Try to build the bond in your relationship with the little ones. However, remember to plan ahead for the trip to avoid any complications and to ensure the entire family have a wonderful vacation.




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