What does your favourite sex position tell about you

Your favourite sex position

Doggy Style Position

If you like doggy style, it shows that you might have some deep insecurities about yourself that you tend to want to ‘degrade’ women. It goes to say that if you like doggy style, you like to feel in control. Otherwise, you just don’t like the looks of your partner and decides that facing the back is the best way out.

Missionary Position

You like to play it safe. Generally, you are someone who goes by the book and is not too keen to take chances. You are someone who seemed to have decided to become a school teacher or work in the supermarket instead of pursuing your dream of becoming an actor or a jet fighter pilot.

Cowgirl Position

You are a spoilt brat, someone who is given everything since you were born. You probably come from a rich family and your girlfriend now is probably the daughter of someone who is rich. Generally, if you like cowgirl, you like to be served and where possible, you need not put in much efforts

The Spoon

You have low self-esteem because you were never Mr Popular. So you will basically do anything to keep your relationship alive. That includes painting his nails, carrying her handbag when she goes to the toilet and all that.


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