What do the stars in hotel ratings mean?

malaysia 5 star hotel

When going on your vacation, you hear about staying in a 5-star hotel or 3-star place. So what do those stars actually mean? Generally, hotels are rated between 1 to 5 stars where anything below that no longer fall under the category of a hotel and anything above that is a lot luxurious. Learn more about what these stars represent.

1 Star Hotel

– This is the entry level of all hotels which ranges starts around the RM50 to RM70 bracket. The room is very small where you probably get about 25 square feet of space that includes a bed, small talbe and maybe a small wardrobe. There are no phone services or internet access.

2 Stars Hotel

– Room rates usually start from RM80 to about RM100 depending on location. It has more facilities and you can expect wireless internet service, air-conditioning and in some cases, shared bathroom.

3 Stars Hotel

– This is the most popular among all which gives you a larger room of around 30 square feet. Room rates are around the RM130 to RM170 bracket. You pretty much get the standard facilities of a hotel that include your own writing desk, complimentary coffee and tea, a mini bar, Wi-fi and your own bathroom.

4 Stars Hotel

– This is on the costly side which usually starts around RM180 and can go up to RM400. The room sizes are large and you get complimentary coffee, tea and water in the rooms, Wi-Fi, your own writing table, satellite television channels and even an arm chair with a coffee table. The individual bathroom comes with complimentary toiletries too.

5 Stars Hotel

– The premium hotel which usually starts from RM400 and above. This is the luxurious hotels where you get almost everything you will come to expect. More satellite channels in the room, IDD telephone service, extra bed and even room service where necessary. Basically, it gives you more than what you get in a 4-star hotel with a larger room.


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