What advice to give your kids when they go clubbing?

Your kids are now reaching the age where they are mixing around and socializing. The teenager and young adult’s years would be one of the hardest periods of parenting because this is when they are exposed to alcohol, cigarettes and sex. Not many parents are able to cope with their children as they experience hormonal changes and could become ‘rebellious’.

So what do you say to your kid if he or she is going out clubbing this weekend? You know that stopping them from going would be futile as they will find ways to get there. It would be now or later anyway. Below are some advice tips.

No pills

This is the most important rule of them all. NO PILLS!! Not of any kind, any colour, any type, any effects. There will be no compromise, no discussion and no debate over this. Once there are pills involved, the punishment will be severe! And you need to be firm about this. Just because you took pills in high school does not mean it is okay for your kid to do so.

Drink only if you want to, not because your friends want you to

The most important factor here is to make your kid understand that if he or she is below the permissible age, it is illegal to consume alcohol. But if they are going to drink, at least they should do so at their own choice and not because their friends want them to. If you are going to be strict about this, then you need to give them an ultimatum. ‘If you drink, that would be the last time you are going to a party’.

Don’t play risky games

When people drink, things might get out of hand. They might play risky games that involve drinking, taking pills and even climbing to the roof of the house. Be rational and not do any of these. It might cost you your life.

Don’t take drinks from people

This is particularly important for girls. Many of them take drinks that were given by their friends or their friends’ friends. Before you know it, you have passed out and awaken in some other guy’s bed. If can, make your own drinks or open a new bottle.

I will drive you home

If this is the first time your child is going to a party, it would be best that you pick her up when she wants to go home. Make it a point to do so. Never let her have her friend fetch her home because it would be too risky.

Make a deal with your child

Let them know that if they get into any sticky situation, they can call you and you will get there immediately. Kids are often afraid to call their parents when they are uncomfortable as they fear that the parents will lecture them and go the ‘I told you so’ route. The deal is you will not freak out and will respect them for calling you.

Of course, you need to trust your kids when they go out but a little control would be extremely helpful in many ways. Did you find this article helpful? Share them to advice other parents so that they know what to do in these situations as well.




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