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We’re storytellers who love using video as the medium in which to tell the stories we and others experience. Our aim is to make wedding films that preserves priceless emotive moments that you can relive again in audio and visual. We want our films to be the most important keepsake you ever had and evokes heartfelt emotions every time you watch the films. We want you to be proud to show off your wedding film to your relatives and friends. We often travel to capture stories.

/// OUR PHILOSOPHY ///We believe that weddings are a social celebration of a very sacred commitment. We feel honoured to be participants in every wedding we film. We treat both the day and the people involved with the highest level of respect. Most of all, weddings are a day filled with beauty and magic that emerges effortlessly. We believe our job is to capture that magic in the most authentic way, which means no directing you to act it out for the camera. The result of this would be a story that is pure, relevant, meaningful and unmistakably you.

/// CREATIVE STORYTELLING ///We believe that a strong wedding film is achieved primarily through character driven storytelling. It involves the creative documentation of real moments and real people that drives the story forward.Creative sequencing, colour correction and grading, sound mixing and editing, composition, lighting and music also play crucial roles. A healthy balance of well motivated camera movement further heightens story as well as emotions. Wedding cinematography is more than just pushing a button on the back of a camera. Couple should seek for cinematographers who will not only capture the beauty alone but also who have a vision to tell a story about the couple’s relationship, love that leads to the wedding. The unique blend of ‘real’ love chemistry and the day of their wedding really makes the story a complete journey for the couple and their families.

/// THE RIGHT FIT ///If you are wondering if we are the right fit for you, here are some steps to help you finding that answer:

Step 1/// our work

Take a moments to see if you like our work in our portfolio and blog. You got to love what we do. We can’t replicate other studios work. However, we are often inspired by renowned wedding filmmakers across the globe namely Jason Magbanua,  Michael Y Wong, Stillmotion, Mayad Studios and Joe Simon.

Step 2 /// creative control and trust

You can leave the creative direction to us. That means you can trust us. However, if doubt arises, feel free to bring it up during initial consultation and we’ll be happy to discuss them.

Step 3 /// relationship

We would love to be your friend because friends tell better stories.  So, we gotta build that relationship from the moment you contact us. We need to have good chemistry too, without it the relationship won’t work. Therefore it’s best to tell us about yourself, the wedding plan and what do you like about our work when you contact us. Moving from there, we could meet in person or skype to make sure we are the right fit for each other. If you are enquiring on behalf of your couple, sister, brother, cousin or friend, its best we get in touch with them directly.


After we watched our wedding film, we almost called you and screamed in your ear about how much we loved the film. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. John was super proud of himself as I had given him the final veto vote of which videographers to pick from he chose you! He watched the film and then commented that you were like Quentin Tarantino, which for him is high praise indeed. (We are definitely more Kill Bill people, than Titanic fans)

I was so touched because after watching this whole film, I realized that my whole wedding was truly a celebration of love, friendship, laughter and family. You guys captured a truly wonderful event in our lives and made it into a memory that we can and will watch for the rest of our lives. I want our kids to watch this and know that their parents were, and will always be…so in love. In fact, we are going to watch the film at every anniversary of our wedding to remind each other of why we wanted to start a life together.

Thank you again for your hard work and movie magic. I wanted to compliment you on your efforts to personalize your services; for the time you took to consult with us and hear our vision of what we wanted our film to be; for being there at the wedding rehearsal so you had a preview and all the other personal touches. We are truly blessed to have worked with you.

With all our gratitude and appreciation,
Thank you for doing such a great job shooting our wedding. The editing was absolutely brilliant! We laughed and cried whilst watching the highlights you so cleverly edited. There were so many moments that we did not see but fortunately was captured by you and now we will have those memories to cherish forever. We will be highly recommending you to any friends tying the knot for years to come.

Videographer Vacancy

Have you got what it takes to be part of a creative and successful Wedding Story team?

1. You are passionately in love with people and weddings
2. You’re self-driven and passionate to become the best wedding filmmaker
3. You love the movies
4. You love to tell good stories
5. You have good character and attitude
6. You are willing to learn and upgrade yourself
7. You are creative
8. You are familiar with Asian weddings

If you are keen, please submit :

1. Portfolio of videos you have shot (wedding, events, etc) in DVD or via online
2. An introduction of yourself, what you do, and why do you want to be part of our team and what is your goal? Do be creative, use audio visual. Tell us a story about yourself.
3. A list of your skills that you can be a contributor to the team
4. List the following in their importance to you : Work, Money, Relationship, Knowledge

Once we find you are the person we are looking for, we will contact you for a meet up to explore further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What’s so special about the Cinematic style?

This is an evolved and highly developed style of shooting moving images. A lot of thought goes into the composition of the image, lighting, camera angles, movement and screen direction. This is called the art of cinematography. The result of these elements coming together creates a pleasing aesthetic look to your wedding film. It is in the editing room where we weave your story together with music. It is told in a non-chronological way to maximize the emotional impact of your wedding day.

2. Do you cover outstation and international weddings?

Of course! We love traveling, and if you have a destination wedding on an island, we’ll pack in our bikinis and trunks too.

3. Do you offer Express Edit for video?

Yes, we do offer the Express Edit to be shown during the dinner reception. However, video editing requires a lot more time and hard work. We will need to transfer the footage into our computer, identify the right moments, arrange it together with music, colour grade, add text, effects (if any) and so on and so on. We try to make each wedding film unique, and this takes time and creativity. And because of that, we do charge a little extra for your Express Edit. We also need at least 4 hours to create this masterpiece before the dinner reception.

4. Will you use lights on the wedding day?

Yes and no, it really depends on your location. Lighting remains the essential element of videography and photography, even with the best low-light digital camcorder and camera available in the market. Without good lighting, your image may come out grainy, with reduced contrast and dull colours. Do read more about lighting in our article here.

5. I love a particular videographer’s shooting style. Can you shoot like them?

We can and will try our best to tell your wedding story in a similar fashion. It is important to note that videography is an art and each videographer brings with him a unique vision and “feel” to the end result. While we can try to mimic the look you desire, our work will bear our unique signature. We hope you will engage our services because you love and appreciate our vision and artistry.

6. Do we need to meet up with you before our wedding day?

Yes, preferably, as we would like to get to know you personally before your big day, and at the same time, discuss your wedding plans in detail. If you are living overseas and are unable to meet, then a phone conversation will have to suffice.

7. I have some videos that my parents have shot since I was 5. Can you please edit them into a video that I can play during my wedding dinner?

We’re open to discuss this with you. Do contact us for further information.

8. For my outstation wedding, can you stay at my 80 year old grand aunty’s house, in the same room with my cousin?

It is highly recommended that your videographers get enough rest before your big wedding day. Rest is very important to us, as our work is physically and mentally draining. We do not need to stay in a 5-star hotel – all we ask for is a hotel room that is comfortable, clean and close to the wedding location. So, please do arrange for a hotel stay. Homestay is also another option.

We also do not travel back immediately after an outstation wedding dinner. We value our safety and driving home late at night with heavy eyelids is a no-no to us.

9. Do we need to feed you?

We love food, and who wouldn’t? As we will be working hard on your wedding day, we’d appreciate it if you could provide us with a vendor’s meal before your dinner reception. You don’t want your videographer to faint halfway through your wedding dinner!

10. Why are your rates above average?

We place a high value on our work and art. With that in mind, we continuously invest in better equipment and the upgrading of our skills so that you will be more than satisfied with our work. Our rate is based on the perceived value of our work.

11. What are your booking terms?

A 40% retainer is required upon confirmation of booking. From the total owing, 40% payment is required 2 months before your wedding date. The balance of 20% is payable upon delivery of materials. We do not take pencil bookings. Dates will be blocked off once the deposit is received, and our Terms and Conditions form is signed.

12. How long will it be before I get my wedding video?

Depending on how peak the season is, you will get your wedding video anytime between 3-5 months from your wedding date. We put every ounce of effort into making your video unique, so this takes time and cannot be rushed.




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