Ways to reduce radiation and other health risks with your smartphone

Everyone knows the importance of having a mobile phone today. In fact, no one really use the word mobile or cell phones anymore. They are now called smartphones. And yes, we are talking about your iPhones, your Samsung Galaxy’s and your HTCs.

Over the years, there has been countless link of brain cancer with the use of mobile phones and while there are still inconclusive findings about this, there could be other effects of over obsession with smartphones as they are changing the way we work and live.

So, whether you could get brain cancer from using the smartphone too much is immaterial because that would only be known after many years by the current researches and scientist. Having said that, you should consider the other ways that the smartphones are affecting your health and perhaps re-think the way you use them so that it would not increase the stress level which you are already experiencing in this high-powered world.

One thing for sure, all smartphones (and cell or mobile phones) contain radiation and using it too much would not make you any healthier. Therefore, where possible, try not to make the phone expose more radiation than it is already doing.

Text, text, text

– SMS has become a way of life. With free apps like Line and WhatsApp!, you should now be able to text more than before. In fact, you should spend less time talking and if possible just text. The whole idea is to keep the phone as far from your head as possible.

Point the back away

– Radiation is usually emitted from the back of the phone. So if you are keeping the phone in your pocket, face the back outwards

Go Wireless

– Use a wireless headphones to talk on the phone if you must. In fact, you should use the speakers which might be annoying but keeps a distance between you and the phone.

Strong Signals

– Try to make calls only if you have 4 or full bars. If the signal is weak, the phone is constantly straining out for service which means it is emitting more radiation. So if you really need to call, wait until you are at a location with excellent service, then do so.

Own your phone

– Ultimately, you must be in control of your phone. There is no need to keep checking your phone when you are walking, when you are in the lift and just about any other time (including the toilet breaks).



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