V’Asia Cosmetics and Healthcare

V’Asia Cosmetics and Healthcare is perhaps one of the most successful beauty and personal care brands from Malaysia. Offering a wide range of products in wellness and beauty, this brand has very quickly and steadily become a household name in Malaysia and abroad.

Background of V’Asia

The founder of V’Asia Cosmetics is Datuk Dr Azril Mohd Radzi. Touted to be the next Max Factor of Malaysia, this young entrepreneur has been highly successful in creating an affordable cosmetics and wellness brand.
Dr Azril holds are degree in Aircraft Engineering where he started V’Asia in 2011. Since then, the brand has grown to offer more than 50 products. The first product to roll out of this brand was a slimming and skin enhancing one where Dr Azril formulated with a food technologist. Today, there are over 100 wholesalers across the nation and this is still growing.

Products by V’Asia

Having met success with the first product which sold millions, V’Asia continued on to cosmetics and skincare a year later. This includes rolling out their own range of:

  1. Creams
  2. lipstick
  3. eyeliner
  4. foundation
  5. compact powder

Besides that, V’Asia has other complementary products including:

  1. wellness drinks
  2. hair products
  3. body enhancing undergarments
  4. hygiene washes

Popular products by V’Asia

V’Asia Cosmetics’ range of cosmetics are very popular among its customers. This range all averages around RM20.00 which makes them very affordable. Its products include:

  1. Fiber Mascara
  2. Matte Lips range
  3. Glow Face range
  4. and many others

Besides that, other categories include:

  1. Healthcare – this includes health supplements like Platinum Drink, Glowhite, Nutri Milk, Jus Anakku and Protein Plus. Their Teh Tarik Campuran Susu Kambing Madu & Kolagen is quite popular as well.
  2. Skincare – This range includes products like Acnus Drink, Putih Gebu Facial Mask, Herbal Lightening soap, Vita C Multi Toner and others.
  3. Haircare – Products offered in this range includes Tonik Subur Rambut, Tablet Rambut Extra Lebat and Syampu Uban Ekstra Lebat.
  4. Slimming – This includes products like Apple Fiber + Collagen, Herba Detus Tea, Korset Premium Raja Ema, Bengkun Moden and Fiber Coffee
  5. Women’s – This range is meant for beauty and wellness for women which includes Ladies Collagen, Pembersih Wanita Sireh Manajkani, among others.
  6. Men’s – Targeted for men, this range includes Kopi Baten, Macho Man, Macho Oil and Mist Perfume for Him.
  7. Kid’s – meant for kids, products here include Jus Anakku and the Coklat Ariff range

Where to buy V’Asia products

There are more than 100 wholesalers across the nation where you can buy your products from. Besides that, you can buy them online through V’Asia’s website or through e-commerce platforms like Lazada as well.


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