Using Soapnuts to clean your house

Soapnuts are the latest things to use to clean your house and yourself! You do not have to use chemical detergent and shampoos, or make your own enzyme detergent anymore.

Soapnuts are actually berries used for thousands of years ago for cleaning and washing purposes. The saponin in the soapnuts shell act as detergent when soak in water. And since it is a natural product gotten directly from trees, it does not contain any chemicals and fragrances that are harmful to our skin. Not only that, soapnuts are biodegradable, which means that it does not harm the environment as well.

Safety concern for kid

There are many easy ways to use soapnuts. For example, Soak 1 or 2 pieces of soapnuts in some water for a few minutes to soften it up. Then rub the soapnuts in the palms of your hands. A layer of soapy sud would appear. Your could then use it to simple wash your hands or use it as body wash or shampoos. Add in a few drops of essential oils to make it smell nice.

To use it as laundry detergent, simply put 5 to 6 soapnuts in a small cotton bag and tie it up, and then toss it into your washing machine together with your dirty laundry. You do not even have to rinse your clothes after that as it has low sud, and thus saving water and electricity as well!

There are many other ways to use soapnuts, from body wash to laundry detergent, to general household cleaner, such as bathrooms, kitchen, floor and window cleaner, as well as jewellery cleaner, pet shampoo and even bug repellent! Simply pour the soaked soupnut water into a spray bottle.


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