Urban farming – What is it and if it is possible?

Urban farming – What is it and if it is possible?

Did you know that you can be a farmer in the city? Did you know that there is no need for a large space to make your own crops?

Urban Farming the new wave

Like it or not, urban living is unhealthy and we all could do with some eco-friendly activities. This includes Urban Farming which has been gaining a lot of popularity of late. After all, there is some form of satisfaction that goes with coming home after a long day at work and enjoying the greens and vegetation you planted. We teach you how.

It is very possible

One thing for sure, you can enjoy Urban Farming from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a dedicated space and you are ready to go! You do no need to be a farming expert to start and all it takes is a little effort, some reading or research and a lot of commitment. Of course, time would make sense too!

Be persistent

First things first, like any other forms of hobby, you need to be persistent with this. Known to some as permaculture, it is based on having a sustainable ecosystem and that is what you want because that is the law of nature. What you want to get out of this is to use things you do not need like waste, items that are to be thrown away and recycle stuff. This will be eco-friendly and at the same time, helps to save money too.

What are the chances of success?

Take note, you cannot just start your urban farm by reading alone. You will surely not get it right in your first attempt. Mistakes are bound to happen and you should let that happen. After all, there has been a lot of drastic changes to our weather in recent years which mean that some crops might not grow the way you expect them to. But you should start and you should try and you should fail. Then, repeat!

Find experts

If all else fails, you should engage the experts to help you with this project. There are now firms and organisations that help with urban farming which is will give your project a good headstart. Take note that the first crops might not work as well but at least you know what you are in for!

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