TT Sports Paintball Park

Recognized as the largest paintball park in the country by Malaysia’s Book of Records,

TT Sports Park aims to provide you wit the utimate sports and recreational playground for paintball enthusiasts

For general inquiry please send an email to
Email: [email protected]
TEL: (6)03-5638 8969, (6)03-5635 6969
FAX: (6)03-5638 9969
 Description  Weekdays  Weekends / Public  Holidays
 Starter Pack 
(Facemask & Marker only)
 RM 30.00 / Person  RM 35.00 / Person
 Pellets ( 2000 pcs/box )  RM 300.00/box  RM 320.00/box
 Body Armor (Optional)  RM 5.00 / Suit  RM 5.00 / Suit
 Jump Suit (Optional)  RM 10 .00/ Suit  RM 10.00 / Suit
 Field Charges  RM 20.00 / 2 Hour/Group  RM 30.00 / 2 Hour/Group
Student Package**

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