Top Uses for Orange Peels

Top Uses for Orange Peels

Citrus fruits like oranges have high contents of vitamins. Its antioxidants keep your cells fresh and strong while helps your body to fight off the negative effects of free radicals. They can be made into juice and even helps to radiate the skin. But did you know that the orange peel can be used in many other ways? So the next time you decide to throw the peels away, stop for a moment and use them before you do.

Add as Zest

– You can use the peel to add taste to your cup of coffee or tea. Besides that, you can shred the peel and use to add the tangy taste to your cakes and pastries. Sweet!!

Brown Sugar Preservation

– The orange peels can be stored together with your brown sugar. This helps to keep the sugar from solidifying and absorb the moisture away from the sugar.

Fire Starter

– Keep your old orange peels that have dried up. Bring it with you when you go camping as they are great fire-starters.

Great Snacks

– Orange peels make for great snacks. In many European communities, they are sugar-coated and then dipped into chocolate as an after-meal delicacy. Besides that, orange peels can be used to make a type of candy. You can do this by boiling the dried orange peel in sugar and then cover them with chocolate before adding in sugar and other sweet stuff.

Orange Peel for Cooking

– add a slice of dried orange peel into your olive oil that you use for cooking.

Orange Tea

– Not many will like orange tea but once you tried this, you might enjoy it. Take some dried peels and then dip them into boiling water. It is different from the usual tea you get and helps to clear up blocked noses too.

Orange Peel for Washing

– You can use the orange peel for washing of pots and pans and even dishes. The orange peel has some oils which can help in degreasing surfaces. You need to use it before the peel completed dries out.

Orange Peel for Fragrance

– Orange peels can give your room the citrus fragrance naturally. Put the peels at the bottom of the garbage can and it will not be too strong. It deodorizes subtly while you can hang a group of peels in the bathroom or toilet.

Refrigerator Deodorizer

– First, cut the orange in half and then take out the peels. Fill up the half orange with salt and then place it in a bowl before leaving it in the refrigerator and it makes for a great deodorizer there. You can keep it there for a fortnight and then change it after that.

Refreshing Orange Bath

– People use oranges for facial and you can too. Otherwise, wrap the orange peels in a gauze pad and then you can use this to rub on your skin when taking a bath. It radiates the skin and smells good too.

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