Top tricks when you are in airports

Travelling can be a breeze if you are all prepared for the unprepared. You need to be ready and make early plans to not fall sick when travelling but when you are at the airports, there are always things you can do to make the wait more bearable, especially when there is a delay.

Tips and tricks at airports

Depending on which airport you are travelling in, it can have different implications. Some international airports can be quite challenging as they are very crowded while some might be so empty, you can barely find anything to eat. Here are tricks you can observe at airports.

Conserve space

If you are travelling on budget airlines like Air Asia, you will surely be concerned with luggage space because they only allow 1 piece of 7kg cabin luggage. Use travel kits and put your things in segments. This helps to keep the luggage space organized and helps if security wants to see what is inside your bag.

Night or day?

It would be best to travel at night, the later the better if you are going long haul. This is the sleeping hour not only for most people but for babies and kids too. If you’d like a pleasant experience without any babies crying, do this!

Be tactful

If you are a frequent traveller and collect miles points, then go for connecting flights as you get more points. Do this only if you are comfortable and not in a rush to get to your destination. Another thing you can to make your journey more pleasant:

  1. choose your seat and book them in advance. If you are travelling alone, try to get the seat as further in front as possible.
  2. Clothing – Go for something comfortable. Loose clothing will do just fine. Don’t wear too thin or too thick clothing and wear loafers so that you can remove your shoes if needed
  3. Jet-lags – This is tricky but you should prepare in advance. Find out what the time zone is and if possible get into the cycle a day or two before travelling there.

Connecting and communicating

Don’t be overly concern about getting a local sim or data connection wherever you go. There is now Wi-Fi in most airports. And they are usually free of charge. Check with the airline you are flying in and they might even come with Wi-Fi on board.

Locating your luggage

A lot of people don’t know this but you can put a GPS-tracker on your luggage like a keychain or a mobile device. One thing for sure, you can tell if your luggage is coming out from the plane or has gone missing somewhere in Nicaragua!!! One more thing, if you want your luggage to come out first, check in your luggage last.

Premium Lounges

If you are a premium traveller with an airline, chances are you have access to the premium lounge. Otherwise, you can buy such passes because it helps when you have too much time at the airport. If you are travelling a lot, then this really helps because you will spend a minimum of 2 hours each time you board a flight.

Things to take note

The biggest challenge in travelling at airports at times really is things can get really messy. If you are travelling with a child, it can get a lot more stressful. The main idea really is to be aware of your surroundings and take note of certain priority items. Be sure to locate all the most important items in your possession like your passport and phone.


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