Top tips before you leave for your holidays

Top tips before you leave for your holidays

Enjoy your holidays but be mindful of who and what you tell.

The year-end school holidays comes around each year and you will go through a lot of planning on where to go, when to go and what to bring. In the midst of all that, you become so tied-up with the whole trip that you sometimes forget what you are leaving behind.

The last thing you want is to have a blasting holiday only to come home to a house broken into. Nothing can be more devastating. So before you jet-off to the beautiful sandy beaches and icy mountains, take a few important precautions.

Security Tips

The best security here is to inform the police and request for extra patrols. But that might not be easy. So informing the police station should be the first step. If you are staying in a gated community with security guards, tell the security company that you will be away and request for extra patrols.

Don’t Share Transportation Information

You can never be too sure even with the taxi drivers. There is a reason why your siblings can give you a lift to the airport. Some people like to take taxis and tell them where and how long they will be gone. Such information can be dangerous. If possible, don’t mention anything to the taxi driver.

Devices in your car

Some drivers like to leave their cars at the airport for long-term parking. If you are going to do that, ensure that there are no information like your home address, auto-gate remote and GPS. If your GPS is set to your home address, anyone breaking into your car practically will lead them to your house.

Don’t Share on Facebook

Yes, you are having fun and you share your pictures on social media. The thing is, when you share something online, you are almost telling everyone where you are and perhaps how long you will be gone. So, you might want to do the sharing when you return home.

Tell your neighbors

This is of course the most usually advice you will get. Tell you neighbors that you will be away and if you trust them enough, give them your keys so that they can carry out occasional checks while you are away.

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