Top Scents that will turn your frown into a smile

malaysia talcum powder

It has often been said that being sad is an indulgence while being happy takes effort. If you are not one who goes all out to be happy or take too much effort, there are actually some scents that can turn your frowns into a smile. We list out a few.

Baby or talcum powder

– You would know this if you are a parent where the smell of baby powder reminds you of the times when you were a toddler. It is a smell of safety and warmth and the times when you have no worries at all.

Citrus Fruits

– In particular citrus fruits have an aroma which makes people happy. Smelling citrus fruits actually provides energy boost and attention while lemon smell is known to help you to reduce your stress levels too.

Fresh-Cut Grass

– When grass is freshly cut, a type of chemical is released and this helps to increase the feeling of happiness and relaxes the human. So some people find that cutting grass can be a therapeutic process.

Flowers used for Aromatherapy

– In particular Lavender and Jasmine flowers where they are both popularly known to be used in aromatherapy all around the world.

Green Tea Stress Reliever

– When you are stressed, you can make a pot of green tea and before drinking it, smell it first. It is known to have a meditative effect that relaxes the muscles. Besides that, green tea can be used for many other reasons .

Smell of Water

– This might not be the best item to smell but it surely makes for good memories because it reminds you of the happy days at the beach. That is why sometimes the smell of the sea do invoke happiness as well. If you do not live near the sea, try the water theme parks instead.




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