Top Safety Tips on Social Media

malaysia social media security

Almost everyone you know today most probably has a social media account. Whether it is MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter or the very popular Facebook, the number of sites and names are just increasing at a unbelievable pace and if you are not careful with what you share, you might be putting yourself (or others around you) in danger. Furthermore, you might not want to get too addicted to social media anyway.So before you hit ‘share’ or ‘post’, take note of certain guidelines below.

Privacy Options

– Most people never read this so before you activate your account, take some time to customize your privacy options. This will tell you about the limit you can set on which group you belong to and how many friends can you have.

LinkedIn History

– In LinkedIn, you might not want to put all the information about your past jobs in. This will only make it easier for identity thieves to know who you are. It might be a good idea to have an online resume like LinkeIn but be careful about putting out everything.

Careful While Commenting

– In your social media site, you have to be careful who post comments and what they are saying. If there are doubts, report the cases immediately. Otherwise, you might be in trouble if anything seditious comes about.

Careful While Updating Status

– There are a lot of people who accidently tell people on Facebook where they are going and when they are returning home. This is almost like putting the signboard in front of your house, inviting burglars in.

Avoid TMI

– Short for ‘Too Much Information’ where you must be aware of what you should not be posting online. Remember that information like numbers (MyKad) and bank accounts are definitely not shareable while home address and phone numbers too can lead to identity theft. If possible, don’t give out information that can tell people where you live and such.

Personal Information

– Take some time to learn about how these social media sites are using your personal information for. Some might use it for marketing while it could be the cause of spam mail. Read through the policies and terms of conditions. If you do not agree, do not register and learn how to protect your own personal data.

Popularity don’t depend on Number of friends

– One of the biggest mistakes ever. The number of friends you have do not determine how popular you are. So check, verify and then accept.




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