Top Roti Canai places in Klang Valley

Top Roti Canai places in Klang Valley

It has already been said that the Roti Canai is a must-try food for anyone in Malaysia. It is actually one of the top Malaysian breakfast dishes for most locals. So, whether you are a Malaysian or a foreigner visiting, you must find time to try this out. Here are the top places you should seek.

Best breakfast

Before anything, you should take note that having Roti Canai will only be complete if you have it with:

  1. A glass of Teh Tarik
  2. 2 half boiled eggs (optional
  3. Dhal or curry (your choice of chicken, beef, fish or mutton) or sugar

Bangar in Raj’s Banana Leaf

There is a long line here for a reason. It is among the newer additions around Telawi Square. You will like its ‘garing’ roti canai which is very crispy and light. It is made with layers so you must take it when its hot.

Subang Jaya – Restoran Fawwaz

Fawwaz is among the most established mamak stalls in the Klang Valley. It has been in operation for more than 30 years now. Take your roti canai with their signature curry and its totally unforgettable

Subang Jaya – Restoran Sri Melur Jaya

This is a winner in many categories. In fact, it has been a permanent member of the top Roti Canai lists around. Some even claim that it the best in the country. Take it with their iconic sambal ikan bilis.

Valentine Roti

If you are around Jalan Semarak in the evenings, seek out this stall. There’s a huge crowd who comes here for its famous Roti Canai. After all, its what they claim on their sign board. In fact, their special Roti Valentine here is something to die for. Simply unforgettable and out of this world.

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