Top Pasar Malam

Top Pasar Malam

Bangsar Baru Pasar Malam

The Bangsar Baru Pasar Malam is located along the slip road off Jalan Maarof in Bangsar Baru just in front of the Mosque here. It replaces the former pasar malam which used to be along Jalan Telawi 1, Telawi 3 and Telawi 5 on Sundays.
This was necessary to solve the already congested traffic here on the weekends and now with a larger and spacious land, it is more accessible and one can park at Bangsar Village Shopping center and take a short stroll out to the market.

The Bangsar Pasar Malam starts around 5pm and goes on until around 10 or 11pm depending on the availability of supplies. As it is catered to the Bangsar residents who are known to be from the higher income group, many perceive that despite being a pasar malam, the items sold in Bangsar Baru Pasar Malam are slightly costlier as compared to other pasar malams in Klang Valley. Hence, be prepared to pay a bit more for the food here as well as the clothes and other items too. One of the highlights of Bangsar Baru Pasar Malam is the Satay stall which is very popular among the local residents around Bangsar as well as in the surrounding suburbs.

Pasar Malam Taman Connaught

The Taman Connaught Pasar Malam is known to be the longest Pasar Malam in the Klang Valley if not the country. Located along Jalan Cerdas in Taman Connaught in Cheras, it comes alive on Wednesdays and it will create a long traffic jam along the highway located adjacent to the market. Known to be almost 1 kilometer long along the shops here, Pasar malam Connaught serves many of the residents here who come from all parts of Cheras as well as students in Sedaya University who stay around here.

It is one of the Pasar Malams around who have RELA personnel directing traffic because it affects the traffic on the highway. You will be able to buy all types of items here that include various types of dishes and food while there are also clothings, souvenirs, snacks, drinks and everything else under the Malaysian skies. The main criticism about Pasar malam Connaught is that there seemed to be too many repeats which means that if you miss the fried chicken stall the first time, instead of walking all the way back, you will most likely find it again not too long later. One of the more popular stalls at Pasar malam Connaught is the ‘Stinky Tofu’ stall which you can smell the ‘stench’ a few meters before approaching the stall.

Pasar Malam Taman OUG

The O.U.G. (Overseas Union Garden) Night Market/Pasar malam is located at Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2 and 3, Taman O.U.G. and is one of the most vibrant Pasar Malams around Klang Valley. This is because it is unlike many other pasar malam, this is not a very large one. It encircles around the wet market here which operates in the day and takes place on Thursdays weekly. Here is where there are many stalls that sell food, clothes and daily essentials.

Spanning across the 3 main roads of the O U G, here is where it is easily spotted as it is along the very popular and famous Steven’s Corner mamak stall. The pasar malam serves mostly the local residents here while those from other nearby areas like Sri Petaling, Old Klang Road also come here to buy the Asam Laksa which is very popular among the locals. Parking might be a challenge here because of the close proximity with the shops while the streets here is quite narrow. Furthermore, with the stalls in operations, it is harder for cars to move around. Hence it is more advisable to park your car further out from the market and walk into the hustle and bustle of the group.

SS2 Pasar Malam

There are primarily 2 Pasar Malams in SS2 and one must not confuse one with another. Known as the Monday and Thursday Pasar Malam  respectively, the latter is also called the Chow Yang Pasar Malam while the earlier is located at the SS2 main business area. On Monday nights, you can head out to Jalan SS 2/60, SS 2/61, SS 2/62 and SS 2/63 where you can find a lot of food, clothes and daily items for sale. The market starts around 5pm and by 7pm, you will see a lot of people in working clothes here buying food for dinner after work.

On Thursdays, the Chow Yang Pasar Malam is located around the Chow Yang coffee shop here (hence the name) which is no longer in operation and circles around the whole 2 rows of shop lots. The Popiah here is one of the most popular stalls with people lining up in long queues to buy the local favourite. Apart from the food here, you can also get fresh fruits, flowers and clothes as well. Located along Jalan SS 2/6 and Jalan SS 2/10, operations start around 4pm and goes on until around 11am depending on whether the stalls finish selling their items.

Kuala Lumpur Downtown Night Market(Pasar Malam KL)

One of the most popular night markets in Kuala Lumpur is the Downtown Night Market in Bandar Tun Razak(pasar malam Bandar tun Razak). Located at the car park area of the Velodrome Stadium in Bandar Tun Razak in Cheras, pasar malam kl is enacted to be the downtown version of the more upscale market in Damansara Uptown where it comes alive at night. To get to the pasar malam kl, one just have to take Jalan Loke Yew and make a u-turn at the Taman Midah-MRR2 roundabout and then head straight and turn left into Jalan Yaacob Latiff. This pasar malam is located at the junction just after the BHP petrol station.

Pasar malam sellers of the original Uptown who have been moved to Wangsa Maju moved here as it is a more ideal place to sell their items. Pasar malam kl opens around 8pm at night and goes on until the late hours of the night where one can buy food, clothes and other novelties for the home. Monday nights are when they have the Food Fiesta which primarily sell food in various variants. The pasar malam kl is more vibrant especially during the months of Ramadhan where more food and new clothes and such are on sale for those looking to celebrate Hari Raya a month later.


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