Top Malaysian Breakfast You Must Try

Top Malaysian Breakfast You Must Try

With so many choices, you can try one every day for the whole week.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So you must start the day right. Malaysia is the home to all types of food and here are among the most popular ones for breakfast which is common in the typical Malaysian diet.

Coffee and Tea

– Malaysia has its Kopi ‘O’ which is black coffee while you can try the Teh Tarik (pulled tea). Besides that, there are the likes of Kopi ‘C’, Teh ‘C’, Milo Suam, Milo Kosong and the list goes on. The whole idea is to have a hot beverage.

Nasi Lemak

– The Nasi Lemak is known as the ‘national breakfast’ food which comes either pre-packed or ala carte. Coconut aroma rice with anchovies and peanuts, cucumbers and some sambal. Add a fried egg and you have a complete breakfast meal which has carbohydrate, protein, fiber, iron and such. Interesting right?

Roti Canai

– This is everyone’s favourite at the mamak stalls. You can choose between roti telur, roti sardine, roti banjir and it really depends on the creativity of the chef. Roti canai is usually taken with curry or just sugar.

Eggs in Breakfast

– The two half-boiled eggs (we call it Telur Setengah Masak, which is a direct translation) is usually found in almost every coffee shop and mamak stall in the mornings. Some will give you ‘kampung’ chicken eggs, which are supposedly better.

Toast with Coffee in Breakfast

– The traditional coffee shops will serve steamed and toast bread. They will spread the kaya and butter for you and you take this with the half-boiled eggs if you like.

Dim Sum

– This is quite the favourite on weekend mornings where families eat at overcrowded dim sum restaurants with small dishes of wan tan, siu mai and the very popular buns.

Heavier meals

– If you are looking for something heavier, you can go for a bowl of noodles, wan tan mee or even Bak Kut Teh. You can find this in Chinese coffee shops where families enjoy the aromatic herbal soup with pork over some Chinese tea.

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