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Don’t trust the public schools and private ones are too expensive? Homeschool your kids today

You will know for sure the benefits of homeschooling and that is one option which gives you the freedom of education for your children. It has been found that homeschooled kids learn better because they dictate the pace and what they want to learn. With so many different approaches and types, which homeschool could you choose? One of the biggest differences here is that homeschooling is usually done at informal places like homes without the need for classrooms or formal spaces.

Classical Homeschool

This method is sometimes known as the Socratic Method. As the name implies, it cultivates learning for the child according to their cognitive development as they grow. This method applies 3 main phases of learning which are Concrete, Analytical and Abstract. What your child gets to learn in this method is literature intensive and is very focused on language.

Unit Studies

In Unit Studies, a specific interest is used as the platform for learning. From there, a more thorough curriculum is then developed based on that subject matter which will then be applied across all subjects. For example, if your child is very interested in World War II, this approach will require you to use the World Wars as the basis of educating your child on every aspect including history, geography, science and even mathematics. This concept is highly effective because it manipulates the child’s interest to form the basis of learning.

Charlotte Manson

This is one of the most popular homeschooling options. It is based on the philosophy that the child should learn from first-hand and real life situations where they are treated as individuals who can deal with knowledge the way they deem fit. It applies the 3-part idea of the Atmosphere, Discipline and Life where it goes by the notion that a child learn better from their environment with ideas as well as development of their character. Going to a school with Charlotte Manson curriculum allows the child to be more creative in learning.

Eclectic Homeschool

This type of homeschooling is perhaps the most flexible as it is sometimes referred to as ‘Relaxed Homeschooling’. It is built upon the foundation that a child should learn through different styles and is most commonly applied by parents who choose to educate their kids at home. This is a common method adopted by parents at home mainly because it allows them the flexibility to try any approach they find effective for their children without being limited by a certain curriculum.

Unschooling Homeschool

This method is often known as Natural Learning. Its underlying concept is build upon the concept that the child will learn naturally without the need of a structured system. All he needs is a guide. Learning would come naturally the same way as how a child learns to walk or talk. It is entirely up to the child what he wants to learn where they are encouraged to follow their interest in the best possible way and then he will build his knowledge from there on.




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