Top Haircut for Men this year

Each year, a new style comes into place. For men, in particular, the changes can be quite drastic. If you are one who loves and care for your hair and if you are looking for a new haircut, look no further. We have the trends that are making waves this year.

Get the beard

This might not be on the head but beards are currently in style. Pair it with some waves on the head or go bald. Otherwise, the Undercut might work for you too.

The Short Crop

This is a look for men who like short and manageable hair. You want to keep all the hair around the head on equal length. Over at the front, you will manage a flat fringe. It is somewhat a direct opposite of how the undercut looks like. Most modern barber shops today will know what you are looking for if you want the Short Crop.

The Side Parting

This is the old classic side parting look and it gets better. Neat and proper, you basically comb your hair to one side of the head with a shorter side-parted by a line. But this year, go with the medium-hair length on the longer side and faded sides. This is a great look for both formal and informal events.

The Simple Taper

This haircut style takes the cake as it is most simple to maintain and good for any day. What you want to get out of the Simple Taper is an evenly cut head around. The top is still a bit longer and then it shortens as you move to the side. Its classy, gentlemanly and definitely trendy.

The Old-School Undercut

The idea of this classic cut is to have the sides being short and the top is long. The good thing about having this look is that you can manage the top in any way you like. It can be fluffy and messy or you can comb it all the way to the back with a wet look.

The Modern Bowl

Sometimes called the bowl cut, this look was once frowned upon. Remember the times when they put a bowl over your head and cut the excessive lengths? This is now the trend but with a twist. The traditional bowl cut is out of the question as the modern one leaves little or almost no hair on the sides. This doesn’t work for everyone but if your head can take it, it is a nice look for this year.




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