Top Family karaoke in Malaysia

Karaoke is one type of entertainment option which can be very rewarding for every member of the family. If you are planning something for the holidays but might not be looking to visit any of the top travel destinations, then a karaoke session for the family would be very nice.

Where to go and what to expect?

In most cases, you will expect these outlets to be based in shopping malls and entertainment areas. You can expect there to be food and other services like free snacks and such. Below are some of the best places to go for a karaoke session for the family.

Loudspeaker Karaoke – Various locations

The Loudspeaker Karaoke is the pioneer of family oriented karaoke in the country. Started out in 2009, the first outlet was opened in Johor Bahru. Since then, Loudspeaker Karaoke has grown with branches in Damansara, Subang, C180 and Puchong. Loudspeaker is a very established name for families and small groups to enjoy a few hours of singing where it is known for its superior sound system (thereby its name) and great food. Among its rates are:

  • Noon K – from 11.00am to 2.00pm, rates are RM7 per hour and RM13 on weekends
  • Happy – This starts from 1.00pm to 7.00pm where rooms are RM16 per hour and RM20 on weekends, inclusive of 1 drink
  • Normal hours – This is from 6.00pm to 12.00pm. rates are from RM25 per hour.
  • Midnight – from 12pm to late, rates are RM18 per hour with free refill of certain drinks

K-Box Karaoke in various locations

The K-Box Karaoke prides itself to be the first franchisable family karaoke in the country. The first outlet was opened in Ipoh and was the first that took the bold step to set up in a shopping mall there. Since then, K-Box has opened its doors at Aeon Kinta City, Kampar and Permaisuri Imperial Mall City. Among its highlights:

  • Sessions start from 11.00am to late
  • Rates start from RM11.70 per hour with 2 free drinks
  • Peak hours are from 6.00pm onwards – rates will be between RM25.70 and RM32.70 per hour

Neway Karaoke Box

Neway Karaoke is perhaps one of the most established brands in the karaoke industry of Malaysia. Started out from Hong Kong, the brand move to Malaysia in 2004 and that was when it was opened at the prestigious Berjaya Time Square. With 64 karaoke rooms to rent, it was one of the larger setups in the country. Since then, Neway has firmly established itself as one of the top karaoke names in the country with outlets around the country like Penang, Johor and Puchong.
Neway Karaoke Box is known for its superior sound system as it was modeled after its Hong Kong counterparts. It has a large selection of song choice while customers can enjoy some great food as well.
Pricing and rates of Neway includes:

  • K-Lunch – Rates are from RM9.80 per hour
  • Happy Hour – From 1pm to 7pm – enjoy rates from RM16 per hour on weekdays
  • Normal Hours – Between 6pm and 11pm – rates are between RM28 and RM35 per hour
  • Midnight – starts from midnight, rooms are available from RM18 per hour

Malaysian Idol Family Karaoke

As the name implies, this outlet is totally family friendly. You will enjoy affordable room rates here which starts from rM10 per hour for a small room set for 3 people. At the peak hours, rooms are around RM15 and RM27 per hour. Larger rooms will cost more for sure but it is among the lowest in the area of Kajang and the surrounding region.

Red Box Karaoke

Red Box Karaoke is another brand which has a strong establishment among its customers. It has a broad network of branches across the country. Rates differ among the different branches and they usually come with food served in buffet style.

Starbox Family Karaoke

Located in the southern state of Johor, the Starbox Family Karaoke is a great place that provides affordable rooms and good sound system. Below are some of its rates.

  • Happy Hours – 11.00am to 7.00pm
  • Price ranges from RM10 to RM15 per hour depending on which type of room you choose
  • From 7pm to 2am – rates are between RM13 and RM20 per hour
  • This is the same for weekends and public holidays

IPop Karaoke

One of the popular karaoke outlets known for its extensive library of Chinese and Korean music. Customers here are known to like this and not that keen on the English songs which is why there are not that many selections here.

  • 4 Pax – RM128 for drinks and titbits all night long
  • 6 pax -RM178
  • 8 pax – RM228
  • 10 pax – RM268
  • VIP – RM378

Green Box Karaoke

Green Box Karaoke is part of the Red Box group that provides you with an affordable and economical place to sing your hearts out with everyone in the family. They serve buffet dinner from 6.30 pm onwards while you get a 3-course meal for lunch.

  • Rate starts from RM14 depending on the time of the day

Replay Karaoke Kitchen and Bar

The Replay Karaoke Kitchen and Bar is specially catered for families. This is because they have a comprehensive selection of songs to choose from ranging from pop to country and even for the kids. In fact, they have super-large rooms that can fit up to 40 pax at any time.

  • Great Japanese and western food
  • K-Lunch at RM12 on weekdays and RM18 on weekends (11.00am to 3.30pm)
  • Happy Hour from 1.00pm to 7.00pm at RM18 and RM24 on weekdays and weekends
  • Normal hours from 6.00pm onwards at RM32 from Monday to Thursday, RM36 on Friday and Saturday and RM32 on Sundays
  • Midnight from 11.00pm onwards at RM28 from Monday to Thursday and Sunday, RM32 on Friday and Saturday
  • Free Titbits
  • Superstar Karaoke

As the name will tell you, this is the place to go if you dreamt of becoming a star. The outlook here looks like a high-class school for music but once inside, you can let your hair down and enjoy the ambiance while having the time of your life singing your favorite tunes.

  • K-Lunch between 11.00 am to 4.00 pm at RM11.90 for 1.5 hours of singing inclusive of a meal
  • Room rates at RM19.90 per hour

New Just K Karaoke

Known for its family-friendly environment, it is as good as it gets for everyone here. They constantly update their song library so you can be sure to get the latest tunes in their catalog. However, their rates for weekends can be pricier than on weekdays. Besides singing, they have catered a bit of everything for everyone by including an arcade area.

  • Starts from RM17

Microphone Family Karaoke

Students get 50% discount here but otherwise, it is just a great place to sing with everyone in your family. Not the cheapest in this list but has an extensive selection of songs to choose from. You’re your time to browse through the songs and let everyone have a go here.

  • RM26 for small room
  • RM73 for large rooms

Bintang Idola

The name is actually ‘star idol’ in Bahasa Malaysia and that is what it wants to do by giving you that chance to be so. You get the unique ambiance with disco lights in the room that come with food too. This place is very family-friendly with a bit of everything for everyone.

  • Small rooms: RM10 and RM16 per hour (before and after 7.00pm)
  • Medium rooms: RM14 and RM21 per hour (before and after 7.00pm)
  • VIP rooms: RM18 and RM26 per hour (before and after 7.00pm)

Karaoke Manekineko Malaysia

This has been a craze in Japan for many years and has now come to Malaysia. First look and you know it is Japanese and if you haven’t already known, it is the largest there. If you book the VIP room, it comes with a gold microphone and a pool table. And did we forget to say, it has a small stage too! boasting more than 180,000 songs to choose from, you literally get spoilt for choice here.

Opus KTV Bangsar

What makes Opus KTV so different is that they offer you themed rooms and it fits at least 10 people (in their smallest rooms). The parents can enjoy the oldies while the kids can belt out their favorite Disney hits!

  • For the Steam Punk Room, RM817 gets you 8 jugs of Pepsi, 2 fruits platter and 4 bowls of titbits

Other Honourable Mentions

Besides those that are listed above, there are many other karaoke outlets that are suitable for families which are as below:

  • Music Bee KTV Studio – Located at Kepong, its RM15 per person from Mondays to Thursday and RM30 on weekends
  • MyBox Melaka – Starts from RM15 per hour for standard room, RM20 for medium room and RM25 for VIP rooms
  • K-City Family Karaoke – This outlet is located in 1 Shamelin and is great for families from RM17 per hour for small rooms. Happy hours are between 2.00pm and 8.00pm from RM11 per hour for the small room
  • Wow Box – Located at Setia City Mall, Shah Alam you pay RM18 for happy hours before 6.00pm, RM30 for normal hours and RM24 after midnight
  • Song Box @ Subang Parade




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