Top family insurance packages

Insurance packages come in different shapes and sizes. They can give you the peace of mind especially if you have a family and you need that special leverage in terms of funding when you need.

Are insurance compulsory for Malaysians?

No, it is not. In most cases, you will buy insurance on your own free will. However, there are instances when you are provided with insurance coverage through employment with companies. On top of that, you can also enjoy coverage that comes with certain purchases such as a property or a vehicle.

What types of insurance products do the companies provide?

Most insurance companies provide a few popular types of insurance products. They include:

  • Medical insurance (or medical card)
  • Life insurance
  • Savings and investment
  • Fire insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Education

Medical Cards are necessary

Most, if not all insurance companies offer medical cards as one of their main products. Applicants will pay a monthly premium and receive a card of such that allows them to receive medical treatment base on their value.

Do you need a medical card?

The answer is YES! Medical treatment can be very costly. You actually need to buy a medical card for every member of your family. In some cases, companies actually provide medical cards for their employees. This means that your medical fees are very much covered.

What do you get?

Medical cards are offered in various levels. The higher your premium is, the more you will be provided for. This usually includes:

  • Hospitalization stay
  • Medical treatment
  • Doctor’s consultation
  • Daily allowance – this is provided for those who will be missing work due to hospitalization so that you can continue to have an income of such
  • and others

Other Family insurance packages

The medical card is considered to be the most basic insurance that anyone should have. Besides that, there are others that you should consider. Here are some top companies you should consider.

AIA – My Family PA

This is a family insurance package offered by AIA. It is a protection plan that gives the family the peace of mind and to cope financially should there be any accidents or a member passes away. This would cover permanent disabilities and other mishaps.
Among the highlights of this packages are:

  • Coverage of the premium holder and spouse of up to 75 years old
  • Coverage for children of up to 23 years old

AXA All-in-One Medical and Hospitalization Plan

This plan is catered for families to cope with medical fees which has been rising in recent years. The product is called SmartCare Premium where it covers up to 100 years of age. There are in total 4 different plans to choose from depending on affordability and convenience.

Tokyo Marine Family PA Planner

This product ensures that the family and children are protected from the following:

  • Bodily injuries
  • Permanent disablement
  • Death caused by accidental means

The package is very versatile and it covers expenses needed for medical, rehabilitation and bereavement service if required. There are 4 types of options to choose from. This include the Basic Plan which covers the principal sum of up to RM50,000. The Super Plan meanwhile covers up to RM100,000 while the Premier Plan has coverage of up to RM200,000. A sum insured of RM300,000 is accorded for the Classic Plan premium holder.

Prudential’s PruGuard my Family

This plan is suitable for the family where it gives protection against any member of up to 70 years of age. Prudential has its own ‘No Lapse Guarantee’ that ensures that the policy’s continuity and it can be customized to suit the needs of the policy holder.

Great Eastern Family 3

This plan ensures that the policy holder enjoys yearly payouts and covers against anything unexpected like death, permanent disability and others.

Which one is the best?

Among all the family insurance you can find, there really are not anyone which is better than the other. The most important factor is to see if they suit your needs and if you can afford to pay the monthly premium. Apart from that, you might want to engage one which has a longer coverage in terms of age.


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