Top family events in Malaysia

Top family events in Malaysia

In Malaysia, family values are very prominent. Much like any other Asian countries, family ties bring a lot of importance and meaning. There are events in Malaysia which could are catered for families of different sizes.

What do we mean Family Events?

When a family event is mentioned, it means that there are some of the following:

  • Something for everyone
  • educational values
  • Business opportunities for families

Community based events

These are events that are usually held at residential areas. They are commonly organized by Rukun Tetangga (community centers) or Residential Associations. Community based events for families usually involve all types of activities like:

  • Gotong-royong where everyone in the community area come together and clean up clogged drains, parks, gardens and such
  • Festivities – This includes Hari Raya open houses, Chinese New Year celebrations, Christmas events and Moon cake festival, among others
  • Educational Programmes – This involves the likes of safety seminars, talks by entrepreneurs for the community and others.

Exhibitions, roadshows and related events

This type of family events usually involves a certain theme. They are catered to a certain group of people like mothers, children or the fathers. They are held usually at place like shopping centers, exhibition halls, convention centres and hotels. Among the types of events include:

  • Parenthood expo – One of the very popular types of expos in recent years, these events are held in a very large scale. Parents are able to buy cheap diapers and find out more about available options for their young ones.
  • Baby expo – These events are very popular for going-to-be parents. They include all types of products and services that parents would need. By going to these events, the parents are able to find everything they need under one roof which include medical services, insurance, baby products and such
  • Education roadshows – In recent years, there are more demand from families for private education. These roadshows usually bring together all the available private and international schools that parents can consider if they plan to send their children for these education options
  • Specialized events – This includes events of a certain theme like sports, banking, business and franchise

National events and carnivals

These events are usually organized in a large scale. They are commonly held at large venues like Dataran Merdeka and Putrajaya as they are catered for families from all walks of life. Such events are held with the intention to promote better harmony among families and to ensure that there are sufficient supplies for everyone when they attend them. Among the events in this category are:

  • The International Hot Balloon Fiesta – This event brings together hot air balloon enthusiasts who will be elevating their balloons high above the ground. Families will love the fact that they can even hitch one for experience
  • The Royal Floria Putrajaya – This event is quite exciting as it brings together a myriad of flowers and garden showcases for the public. Families like to come here to enjoy the sights and sounds of these flowers
  • Light and Motion Festival Putrajaya – Known in short as LAMPU, it is a unique festival for everyone in the family with creative lighting and animation on show
  • Merdeka Celebrations – This event is usually held at Dataran Merdeka. To commemorate the country’s independence on August 31, it is a great place for families to come together and enjoy the festival while watching the parade, air force show and other related events.
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