Top Family Adventure Holidays Malaysia

Top Family Adventure Holidays Malaysia

The common perception when it comes to family holidays is to head to a resort or luxurious hotel by the seaside. Taking a family to an adventurous holiday could be a challenge as there might not be something for everyone. But if you know where to go, this could be quite an exciting journey.

Push your family to the limits

Unlike other types of holiday packages, going on an adventure one means there will be some activities that some might consider to be extreme. This will push you to the limits and will usually be quite fun.

Great outdoors at Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya

Located in Raub, it is one very interesting destination which promises a lot of activities and definitely fun for everyone. The highlight of this place is the river where the whole family gets to dip in and enjoy the cool waters streaming by and fishes that swim close to your feet. An Eco Resort, the rooms are tastefully decorated with some traditional motifs and top notch facilities.

Paradise Valley at Broga

It takes less than 30 minutes to reach Broga Hill in Semenyih if you are coming from Kuala Lumpur. Here, you get to enjoy the great outdoors while staying in an interesting room within the midst of nature. There is definitely something for everyone in the family here. Take some time to appreciate nature through the jungle trails or let the kids experience horse riding. Other activities here include:

  • Obstacle Wall
  • Caving
  • Abseiling and wall climbing
  • Water Polo
  • Hiking up Broga Hill
  • and many more

Triple Treat in Cameron Highlands

This adventure holiday would be an interesting one for the family. If you are traveling to Cameron Highlands, take some time to visit this triple treat which includes:

  • Hiking up Mount Brinchang
  • Mossy Forest indulgence
  • BOH Plantation

Hiking up the 2,000-meter Mount Brinchang is not difficult. It takes some determination and motivation but once you are there, you will appreciate its flora and fauna so much, you pretty much forget about the hike. At Mossy Forest, the trees seemed lower with the clouds dwelling closer to the ground. The young ones will surely like the weather to roam around but be careful to keep them in sight.
At BOH Plantation, you can enjoy the spectacular sights of the tea plantation from the lookout point of the café while appreciating a freshly brewed cup of tea from this top brands.

Road trip across Malaysia

When it comes to road trips, nothing beats going around on a caravan (or SUV if you prefer) across the country. You can take short trips or go for a long week whichever you prefer. Peninsular Malaysia would be ideal for the family as the roads are more well-developed as compared to East Malaysia. There are many options when it comes to road trips in Malaysia, many of which are great for everyone in the family.

Full on to Taman Negara

Since you are bringing the entire family out for an adventure, Taman Negara will be your likeliest destination. You get to stay within a local environment with a bit of everything this million-year old rainforest could offer. Dine in the floating restaurant and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. Visit the Orang Asli Village to learn what living in basics really mean.
Take the river cruise and visit the natural habitat of Malaysia’s rich and diverse natural attractions. Teach the kids about importance of preservation and such.

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