Top Current Hairstyles for Men

Top Current Hairstyles for Men

Every year, you get to learn about a new style to indulge in but for men, some hairstyles can last a lifetime.

For men, the hair is an important aspect of your looks because it is where you derive your confidence from and even could help you in ‘scoring’ at times. While there are some hairstyles that last only a few months, we list the top hairstyles that are most ‘presentable’.

The Classic Combover

All you need to do is visualize Sean Connery in James Bond. This is the classic look where you comb your hair to one side with a small segment towards the other end. This classic style never grows old and is always seen as most masculine. If you want to please your partner’s parents, go with this look. It never fails.

Hair Type

– Thick and straight with some minor waves.

Hair Product

– Standard Hair Cream but if your hair tends to drop, use hair gel.

The Messy Look

The rugged hair style is another one which exudes a modern and more contemporary man. What you want to portray through your hair is a ‘never-care’ attitude but is not the sloppy type of person.

Hair Type

– Thick at the top and thin on the sides. Straight hair will be ideal.

Hair Product

– Hair wax which can keep your hair at a certain position for a short time and then remodeled as and when needed.

The Loose Bulky Look

Think Robert Pattinson and you know what we are talking about. This hairstyle is not for everyone especially if you have a small face. But if you can pull this off, you get the metrosexual look which is quite the 21st century male.

Hair type

– Extremely thick hair, wavy and easily styled

Hair Product

– Hair Wax. Your hair should be easily molded and moved about.

The Mohawk inspired style

This has been quite popular since 2010 where you shave the sides and back of your hair but keeps the top like a Mohawk style. However, you do not want a punk look, so you comb your top into a bushy type of impression

Hair type

– Wavy hair body and thick at the top

Hair Product

– Hair Gel to keep the top intact in the position you want them to be.

The Afro

This is another top style in recent years but it cannot be done by everyone.

Hair Type

– Curly and thick hair

Hair Product

– Basically, you can leave it as it is once it has grown to the right size and length.




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