Top Divorce Reasons that are NOT Really Divorce Reasons

Top Divorce Reasons that are NOT Really Divorce Reasons

Did you know that your happiness is not the most important thing about your marriage?

There are many ways to get out of a marriage and it starts with you. If you start thinking the following, chances are you trying to destroy your marriage

1 – My happiness is the most important

Do what makes you happy. When you are married, your happiness is not the most important thing anymore. It is trying to make everyone happy which is. Your friends might tell you that if you are not happy, then leave the marriage. That’s a lie.

2 – I don’t love my partner anymore

That is not the only reason to get a divorce. In fact, if you feel that you don’t love your spouse anymore, then it is time to find ways to love him/her back. That’s the good thing about marriage. You can always find love again.

3 – I did something so wrong, it is not mend-able

Everyone makes mistakes. If you know you made one, then it is time to make amends. In fact, you would be ready to lose the marriage but it does not mean your spouse will surely leave you. If you acknowledge that you have done something wrong and wants to make it right. You must try.

4 – I think I married the wrong person

Everything happens for a reason. At one time or another, you will feel that you married the wrong person and it can drive you crazy. It has been said many times, if you think you married the wrong person, then it is time to make things right. And leaving the marriage should not be your first option.

5 – We are not compatible

If you find this out in the first week of your marriage, then you can divorce. But if it has been years, then there must be something that sparked the incompatibility. Look for that and plug the hole.

The rule of thumb really is that you should not give up too easily. Sometimes we use lies to tell ourselves that it is okay to divorce and leave our marriage. But having entered into the sacred contract, you should at least overcome yourself before you give up.

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