Top activities for Senior Citizens

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Growing old does not mean you need to slow down.

As you grow older, it is inevitable that you will be categorized as a senior citizen. But that does not mean you have to stop everything you do and just sit at home and enjoy your pension. Being a senior citizen does not mean you are an old person and discard everything the young people do. There are quite a lot of activities that can keep you active. We tell you how.

Post Retirement Travelling

There is no better time than to go travelling after retirement. You might want to avoid the places like Legoland with rollercoasters and such but you can visit peaceful places like Taiping where there is a nice zoo and lake. After all, what better time is there to travel without needing to check your emails or thinking about work than this? Just remember to take your supplements with you when you go.

Yoga and Tai-Chi

Yoga is not only for the young. It has become very popular among senior citizens even if you have joint pains. Yoga helps to regulate breathing which can reduce the risk of many types of diseases. If you think Yoga is too much, then go for Tai-Chi. Just head out to the park near your area in the morning and there will be sure to be some Tai-Chi classes going on every morning.

Write Down Memories

This is the perfect age to retrospect and reflect on your life. It’s a good time to write all your memories, both the good and bad ones and compile them into a book. Use photographs to recapture the times you had.

Fulfill Your Hobbies

Whether it is gardening, camping, carpentry or hiking, you can now do all that at the leisure of your time and place. You need not have to go far for these. Some can be done at the comfort of your home or you can go for camps with the grandkids.

Online Activities

When you were still working, there was no time to learn about the internet. Now that you have all the time in the world, you can start learning how the internet works and what you can do. Check out what is blogging and get connected to your old friends via social networks like Facebook. Just don’t get overly addicted to this.

Exercising your Brain

If you can, indulge in some brain exercises. Sudoku is one activity which has proven to be very effective which keeps your brain sharp and at its best. Otherwise, you can invest into game consoles like Nintendo where there are special games catered for senior citizens.


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