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The field of Information Technology or IT has been an attractive course for Malaysian students over the past 2 decades. It has grown from a fully technical qualification to one which is very relevant in almost every industry today. Students taking IT courses have a broad range of options where they can major in areas like Software Engineering, Computer Science, IT or even digital gaming, all of which offer a lot of job opportunities when they graduate. Below are the top 10 universities in Malaysia where IT is a popular choice.

UCTI University


– Known as Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation, this is one of the most IT-centric universities in Malaysia. Started off as Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, it is located in Technology Park in Bukit Jalil with one of the best achievements in IT courses ranging from Pre-U to the postgraduate levels respectively.

SEGi University –

SEGi University has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years after the merging of several top colleges. Today, it remains as one of the most affordable and best universities for IT courses which have a large number of local students in its many branches around Malaysia. Among the courses popular in SEGi are its BSc Computing in Digital Media and BSc in IT.

HELP University –

One of the oldest universities in Malaysia, it was formerly HELP Institute with an illustrious record of producing some of the best IT professionals in the market. Its Bachelor in IT and Business Information Management are among its popular programmes.

Malaysia University of Science and Technology –

Known in short as MUST, the main focus of this university is technology-based courses. It offers Diploma in IT, Bachelor courses as well as postgraduate programmes like the MSc in IT and PhD in Informatics.

University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering –

One of the recent additions to the Malaysian university scene, UNIMY is very focused in Computer Science and Engineering programmes with majors in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Curtin University Sarawak –

This Australian branch campus in Malaysia is a very popular destination for both local and foreign students who are looking to IT-based courses from pre-university to postgraduate levels.
University of Nottingham Malaysia – Known to be one of the top universities in Malaysia, this UK-based branch campus offer a broad range of Computer Science and IT courses. The university is renowned for its focus in research and development in its state-of-the-art facilities environment.

Universiti Putra Malaysia –

UPM is considered as one of the most attractive options when it comes to IT courses. It has a strong research portfolio amidst its rich background in technology and computer science disciplines.

Multimedia University –

This university was formerly known as Telekom University. Based in Cyberjaya and Malacca, Multimedia University or MMU has a healthy mix of foreign and local students who are enrolled in its wide range of Computer Science, Multimedia and IT programmes.

Monash University –

Based in Sunway, the Australian-based university is among the most popular institutions of higher learning in Malaysia where it is very popular for its IT and Business programmes. The IT courses are managed by the School of Information Technology where students are enrolled in its Bachelor of Computer Science course.




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