Top 8 Skincare Tips

Top 8 Skincare Tips

When it comes to the skin, the smoother it is, the healthier it looks. In fact, it is one of the biggest obsessions among women to have radiating and bright-looking skin from head to toe. So how do we keep our skin looking young and vibrant without having to spend thousands on products which we are not sure if worked? Below are some of the tips we compiled.

Stop believing

The first thing you need to do is to stop believing everything you see. Commercials are made to create the illusion that perfect and flawless skin is possible. While it is possible, it does not happen to everyone.

Don’t spend thousands

The products that are in the market for skin care are not worth the money, especially those that come with fancy ingredients. Instead, some could even cause irritation.

Minimize lipsticks

If possible, minimize the use of lipsticks. Go for lip balms with UV protection instead. Some come with colors which you can get the ruby red anyhow. After all, your lips need extra protection as it has some of the thinnest skin in your entire body.

Moisturize Skin

Keep your skin moisturized as often as possible. You can do this by using an acceptable moisturizer that will not irritate your skin in any way.

H2O Cleanser

Believe it or not, natural water is the best cleanser. Think how our parents never had those face cleansers which were developed by million-dollar research labs and yet their skin remain radiant after all these years. They only used water.

Healthy Diet

One of the most influential factors that affect our skins is on our diet. It is in our food intake that makes the difference. For instance, pimples (or acne) are often linked to the type of food that we eat so if the type of food causes pimples, try to reduce them.

Go ‘Natural’

There are many ways that you can substitute skin care products with natural ones. For instance, cucumbers and tomatoes have been scientifically proven to be strong anti-aging agents which can be directly applied to the face while the Aloe Vera is among the most amazing fruits in the world used for skin care.

Healthy Nutrition

Get as much as healthy nutrition for your skin as possible. You can do so by going for the sunlight which is rich in Vitamin D during the day. As you spend too much time indoor in the office, the air-conditioning usually causes the skin to dry up very quickly.

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