Top 7 Methods to survive the World Cup healthily

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The FIFA World Cup comes once every 4 years and one of the biggest challenges is to survive the month-long event deemed the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ without falling sick or losing too much sleep. This can cause you to lose focus at work or school and could even cause you some problems if you keep waking up late or losing concentration due to lack of sleep. The bigger problem here is that in Malaysia, the timing of football matches are in the middle of the night. So how can you survive the month of June without compromising on your daily routines? Below are some tips:

Maintain hydration

– This is the most basic thing you need if you are staying up for several nights. Drink lots of water and keep drinking whenever you can. The whole idea is to keep your body hydrated in order to function better throughout the day.

Light Exercising

– Do some light exercises like small jogs or take the stairs. This will keep your body from fatigue as it regulates your blood circulation and heartbeat.

Take Power Naps

– If you are going to watch a 2 hour match at night, it does not mean taking a 2 hour sleep in the day will ‘make up’ for the loss. All you need is a short 20 to 30 minutes power nap and you can pretty much stay up for a long time. According to studies, short power naps can keep you running for a long time. So grab a quick lunch and spend 30 minutes sleeping for a while. Use an alarm clock so that you don’t get into trouble with your boss for sleeping on the job.

Short breaks

– If you stayed up all night watching the World Cup and somehow miraculously made it to work, the next challenge is to stay awake for the next 8 hours. Take short breaks in between. Make a cup of coffee, chat with a colleague or take a short walk to the pantry. This will give you time to relax a little. If you push through the 8 hours, you will not survive the next night.

Cold Showers

– Take a cold shower in the morning before heading out to work. Research showed that taking cold showers can reduce fatigue and this is ideal if you are going to need energy for the day. If you have a bathroom in the office, bring your towel and take another cold shower during lunch time.

Refrain from energy drinks and foods

– Where possible, try not to take too much energy drinks or bars. Livita and Red Bull are those that are very useful if you need the strength and energy for an extra few hours but once the effect wears off, you will feel more tired than before. You need to press on for about a month, energy drinks only sustain you for a day.

Choose the games wisely

– Maybe there is no reason to watch every single game of the World Cup. Choose wisely and for those that are not important, get a good night’s sleep. After all, Astro now comes with recording function. Stay up only for important matches or those that your team is playing in.


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