Top 6 Ways to survive a crisis in a relationship

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In a relationship, there are many issues that need to be resolved together. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is when there is a crisis. This can be situations like a death in the family, financial problems and even those that test the strength of the relationship like infidelity and such. When faced with such situations, it does not mean that the relationship has to end. Most couples like to take the easy way out and go for ‘a break’ but it does not always have to be that way. Below are 6 ways that a relationship can survive through a crisis.

Stress Management

– This is not only about managing all the extra issues affecting the relationship. It can be a rough patch that both of you are going through. You are always quarrelling and getting on each other’s nerves but maybe you should take time to join support groups, go on an exercising drive together or even take up some courses that can help in releasing the stress. Instead of bringing the stress back home, try to release it together.

Learn about how your partner is reacting

– This difficult period will be a time when it can change the person tremendously. In fact, when faced with adversities, a person will react differently. Perhaps you should learn about how your partner is reacting to this situation and then cope from there. Some people tend to go into hibernation or into their cocoon while others could be more confrontational. Take note of how the reactions are and be accommodative. After all, you are supposed to be there for each other.

Stop Pointing Fingers

– This is a very popular method where couples start blaming each other for a problem that came up. It might be your partner’s fault over this situation, but if you keep pointing fingers, you will only create more distance between you two.

Trample with care

– You should by now know what agitates your partner. Stay clear of these areas! Don’t ever go into any form of sarcasm or do things that might annoy your partner any more. In all circumstances, try to be as accommodative as possible.

Learn to Listen

– If you have not done this before, then this is the good time to start. Learn to just listen and not say anything. Sometimes, when a person is in a crisis, they only want the partner to be understanding and not expecting any solutions yet.

Don’t be part of the problem

– This is self-explanatory, face the crisis together. If you cannot help in the solution, then at least you should not be part of the problem.


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