Top 6 Tips on your First Night

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Before you romp your way to breaking the bed on your first night of your marriage, make sure you know what you are doing and what to do!

The night of your wedding is surely an exciting affair (if it hasn’t already been). It is where you are legitimately married and starting a new life. So is there anything you should know before thoughts of ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ start coming into your mind? We list out the top 6 things to do on your first night and set you for the rest of your lives together.

Get enough rest

No one said that you must have passionate sex all night on your first night! Get enough rest if you can because you will surely be tired after a full day of entertaining guests. If your partner looks tired, then perhaps you should both get enough rest. Tomorrow is another day and you want to prepare for what’s coming.

Freshen up

If you think you can go for ‘another round’, then after the dust settles, take a long hot bath, freshen up and then enter the bedroom. When you are both fresh, you can focus.

Appreciate your partner

Sex on the first night might be important but it is time to show your appreciation to your partner. Be thankful and smile a lot.

Pace Yourself

There is no need to ‘perform’ all night. Pace yourself. You have a whole lifetime to learn about what your partner likes or dislikes. Take it easy and go with the mood. Don’t be too pressured to perform and you will be fine. There is no need to ‘try everything’.

Performance Pressure

You do not need to show how ‘good’ you are in bed on your first night. If you cannot satisfy your partner on the first night, it is perfectly fine because you are probably finding out what works and what don’t. The whole idea is to let your partner know that you are willing to do anything for his/her satisfaction. Once you know what turns your partner on, you can repeat that move again and again.

Second Round

After your ‘first round’, embrace each other and spend some time talking. After that, check with your partner if he/she is up for a ‘second round’ and then there you go again. Just don’t overdo it.


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