Top 5 unplugged gadgets that will save electricity

Top 5 unplugged gadgets that will save electricity

You might have heard of the advice that you should unplug the sockets of your device if you are not using them because somehow, it is still consuming electricity. With the rising electricity tariff and cost of living, we list out the 5 gadgets that you should unplug when you are not charging or using them which can save you a whole lot in electricity bills. After all, recent research has proven that when you are not using them directly, the average household actually spends about RM350 a year on electricity.

Computers and Laptops –

If you have a computer plugged in or your laptop connected but are not in use, it would be best to unplug the sockets. Some of us like to put our computers in sleep mode or hibernate but research has shown that they do consume some electricity, although it is very low.

Digital Picture Frames –

These frames look extremely good and decorative and leaving them on would be the ideal practice. But they consume about the same electricity as a full personal computer. So leaving it on around the clock might be counter-productive.

TV Set–

Television sets are known to be among the most energy-consuming devices. In fact, most households today use flat-screen televisions which are known to consume twice as much electricity while most people are obsessed with gigantic screens. If you are not watching it, unplug it.

Game Consoles –

in the latest study, it was found that game consoles are accumulating 1% of the total household electricity usage. A lot of people like to leave the game consoles on although they are not playing it. Although there are differences in terms of energy usage between the Nintendos and the Playstations, it is still good practice to unplug when not in use.

AV Equipment –

the same concept is applicable for DVD players and even your iPod docking stations.

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