Top 5 things you wanted to know inside the male’s mind

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To women, the men’s brains is like the Amazon forest; its complicated and mysterious but its generally just made up of living things. So it has often been a continuous conundrum for every woman to try and understand what the male mind is thinking or how it works. We outline the top 7 to clear the air.

What you wore on your first date

– While you make every effort to remember his birthday, your first kiss, the first time he held your hand, he probably could not even remember what you wore on your first date. Hence, you can forget about him remembering your wedding anniversary and all that.

Men Handle Emotions Differently

– Men are less interested in romantic fictions the way women do. In fact, they do not have as much empathy as women do. So you should not expect him to be able to put himself in ‘the other person’s shoes in trying to understand anything at all.

Looking at other women

– No matter what the implications are and the situation, the male brain is naturally skewed towards looking at other women. This happens when he is driving, when you are talking and even when you are hugging and kissing in the club.

Thinking about sex

– Contrary to a lot of claims, men do NOT think about sex every 5 seconds. A man does not have sex in his mind all the time (which makes him such a pervert). However, the frequency is higher when he is thinking of ways to satisfy his woman.

Thinking about Sports

– While he does not think about sex every 5 seconds, he could be thinking about sports every other 5.

Men’s Shopping Behavior

– He does think about what he wants to buy, where to buy and even his strategy in going around comparing prices if needed. So this is quite common.


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