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Malaysia has a thriving market when it comes to jobs and careers. There are jobs everywhere in almost every type of industry anyone can imagine. Among them, the sales line is one of the most lucrative career choices as the earnings can sometimes be limitless.

Most sales jobs come with a standard basic package with allowances as well as commission for sales target. If you think you have what it takes to get into this line, below is the top 10 areas that you can consider.

Real Estate

– Perhaps the place with the most and consistent income. Selling real estate and property is considered to be one of the best jobs in this sector mainly because of the developing status of the towns and cities of the country. The scale can be as low as 1 unit or it can go up for commercial properties, outskirts, new development areas and even factories. A sales in real estate jobs involves a lot more than just selling the property. It includes many others like legal fees, sales and purchase agreement and such.

Share Market

– It is not easy to become a broker in the share market. You will need to cultivate experience and have the relevant knowledge of how the money markets work. There are many securities companies which are constantly looking for capable investment executives to manage funds and trade shares. If you are good, many will find you to help them invest in the share market.

Oil and gas

– This is the type of industry which do not require you to make volume sales. In the petroleum industry, you will only need to close one sale and it could amount to thousands of ringgit in commission.

Selling Energy

– Unlike selling any other types of products, selling energy as a commodity is very challenging as you will need to close large contracts with corporate companies in order to earn good commission.

Sales in Advertising

– Sales in the advertising industry require you to be able to network well with people. It is not easy to pitch for a major account but if you can pull it off, it can do a lot of good for your resume. This is the type of sales job which you will enjoy if you like the limelight and a glamorous lifestyle.

Medical/ Pharmaceutical

– Often being referred to as medical representatives, this segment has been bursting with development in recent years. As people become more health conscious, the demand for supplements and pharmaceutical products are rising. As such, sales jobs in medical and pharmaceutical are rising as well.

Luxury Vehicles

– Selling luxury cars is very different from other types of cars. You will be speaking to millionaires, the rich and the famous who might be difficult to deal with. If someone is going to pay a million or more for a car, they have every right to be difficult.

Unit Trust, Insurance and Retirement Scheme

– Getting someone to part with a monthly commitment for investing into unit trust, insurance or retirement schemes is very difficult. It has been one of the best paying sales jobs throughout history and continues to remain so until today. The trick is to get through to the first hurdle which is for the client to listen to you. This is one sales job which do not require you to have an office and you can pretty much start on your own, manage your own time and space and how you want to sell your products.

Corporate Software Systems

– Technology is driving most businesses today. They do not buy off-the-shelf software but needs customized ones tailored for their needs. If you are a sales consultant for large companies like SAP and such, then you are on your way to a lot of income.




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