Top 10 Food Trucks you must try

laughing monkey food truck

That which is trending is always popular. Of late, food trucks are just so widely demanded, they seemed to be mushrooming everywhere. In fact, some quarters are claiming that food trucks are fast replacing a lot of the stalls you find at night markets which have been the way in the past.

Why are they so hot?

What is it that makes food trucks so popular so much so that people are looking for them everywhere? One of the driving factors with food trucks is that they are very popular overseas. Anyone who has visited Bangkok, Taiwan, Korea and Japan will tell you that food trucks are just amazing. They are:

  1. Thematic – Usually has a specific design and sells a specific type of food.
  2. Affordable – You will not expect to pay overpriced food like restaurants and cafes.
  3. Experience – Somehow, eating at a food truck is quite a unique experience.
  4. Location – They are almost everywhere!

So, with this wave of meals-on-wheels hitting Malaysia so drastically, what and who should you look out for? We find out the top 10 food trucks that are currently trending across.

La Famiglia Food Truck

What you might not know is that the founders of La Famiglia were not restauranteurs or chefs. They actually worked in animation and construction before venturing into this Italian-mafia themed food truck. They have been around for quite a few years now having made their rounds with their splendid pasta selection. Prices are quite reasonable and you can find them in SS15 at dusk.

The Boys Food

Manned by a group of the enthusiastic and fun bunch, you will want to try out literally everything they have to offer in their menu. Whether it is burger or hotdog, pasta or sandwiches or just sloppy fries, there seems to be something about these boys. Prices are about RM5 on average and you will surely like their Jimmynator, a classic favorite here. The Boys Food operates around Dataran Wangsa where you can expect a long queue for sure.

The Laughing Monkey Café

A café The Laughing Monkey it is not but it is definitely up there when it comes to their coffee. You can easily see their bright-orange truck from afar when you are around Damansara Uptown, Jaya One and mostly at Menara Millennium in Damansara Heights. The idea of 2 colleagues who could not get their coffee after getting caught in the rain, you will enjoy their selection of coffee and sandwiches.

Curbside Cantina

Curbisde Cantina’s truck is red and that is eye-catching enough even before you start savoring their dishes. Basically, Curbside Cantina serves tacos and such. Check out their Beef Cubano Sandwich and Cemita Burger and you will not regret it. Cantina Moderna is the parent company that does catering so you can be sure of some very delicious Mexican treats with this one. They are around in Bangsar and TTDI but is truly experience different from other food trucks.

Flaming Wheels Food Truck

This is truly one of the more unique food trucks around. What you get from The Flaming Wheels is literally flaming wheels! There are no two ways about this. The truck is literally a moving kitchen which is custom-built. This project was launched to help Make-A-Wish Malaysia where it is to raise funds and support the movement. You will find The Flaming Wheels operating in G Tower in TTDI. Their Moroccan Lamb Stew is among their signature so keep a lookout for them.

Burger Giler Power

Burger Giler Tower operates around Taman Melawati usually in the evenings until about 10 pm. As the name will imply, it is a truck that serves burgers and it is crazy and power too! You can expect to enjoy fresh vegetables and their signature sauces packed in their own recipe patties and black charcoal buns. Burger Giler Power is actually one of the more recent players in the food truck industry but is already setting the bar high enough. Signatures include The Chief Burger and the Cajun Chicken Burger.

Cowboys Food Truck

Any mention of cowboys with food and chances are you will visualize hot and steaky barbecue food! And that is what you can get from the Cowboys Food Truck. These guys have been around since 2014 in offering barbecue dishes from their Texas-influences. Their Buttermilk Fried Chicken Wings are among the best-sellers here or you can check out their Chuck Norris Platter. Cowboys Food Truck operates at the Shell Station in TTDI as well as in SS15 (on Wednesdays).

Little Fat Duck

The Little Fat Duck actually serves European food in their menu mostly Italian and French. There is actually nothing ‘ducky’ about this. Operating in SS15 on most nights, there is a long queue here because of their great food like tender chicken confit and Aglio olio, among others. Their customers are a patient bunch as they are all willing to wait (at times up to 30 minutes) just to savor their unique and delicious food.

Q Gastro Truck

Taman Melawati is surely a haven for food truck seekers and Q Gastro Truck is one that many come here for. Serving fresh food and pasta, you will surely be attracted to its black-colored truck not far from the BHP station. They are opened from 8 pm where many come here for their fusion dishes including their sambal prawn pasta as well as many other western dishes.

Babarittos Food Truck

The founder of Babarittos Food Truck is actually a graduate in aircraft engineering who decided to venture into a food truck business due to his love for street food. Hafiey Mughnie Amran now brings some of the most exciting burrito wraps and nachos to Danau Kota in Setapak to anyone who seeks great western food. Besides that, Babarittos Food Truck provides catering services for special occasions too.

Notable Mentions

Besides the top 10 food trucks mentioned above, there are several others that serve great and unique food too. If you are in the vicinity, do give them a try.

  • SpagMe Food Truck – This food truck has a slightly different MO. They serve breakfast around Menara Millennium. Try out their breakfast sets or if you are on for something heavier, their lamb chops (good for lunch).
  • Guac! – You can find them around Damansara Uptown and these guys have been serving great and authentic Mexican tacos, nachos and burritos since 2014!. Try out their Crispy Chicken Tenders and Braised Lamb Tacos and Burritos. They do have surprises at times too.
  • Brother John – Serves great burgers and snacks usually around Damansara Utama. Formerly a burger stall and moving with the times, has since turned into a food truck. A must-try is the Master Burger.
  • Wheeloaf – They operate around TTDI and they are actually the first baker on wheels. A must-try is their grilled chess panini. Besides that, you can try out their other pastries and bread too!
  • Negative Celsius – This food truck is in Setapak and is a one-of-its-kind ice-cream truck. Its pink-colored truck will be the first you will see for sure but it is the mouth-watering desserts that will be your treat!
  • Dr. Mak Rony – Operates in Jalan Dungun and serves superb burgers. Many will be serving burgers in food trucks, but not many will be as seriously delicious as Dr Mak Rony.




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